#metoo and why it should matter to the church
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#MeToo and Why it should matter to the church

When #metoo first popped up into my facebook feed, I decided not to comment. A quiet little #metoo isn’t going to change anything. Anyone who cares doesn’t need #metoo to not harass a woman. Those who don’t will roll their eyes and talk about how a little flirting isn’t harassment. But then I read this in response to a post:…

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instilling wonder
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Instilling Wonder in Children

Long drive, late at night. It was after bedtime when we left Tecumseh and I’m hoping to get to the hotel by one. Mild bickering. “He’s touching me.” “She won’t put her seat up.” “STOP MAKING THAT NOISE!” “Why do we have to go to this dumb Cosmosphere anyway?” And I’m wondering if someone reset the GPS to Most Confusing…

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Glory Song
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Matt Redman CD review and giveaway!

Update: Entries are closed for the giveaway, but you can still read the review and hear a sample song from the CD below! I recently had the opportunity to receive Matt Redman’s new album, Glory Song, in exchange for this review. One of my favorite songs we sing in church is by him, so I thought, “Yes! Of course I…

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how do you homeschool preschool

How we homeschool preschool at Roscommon Acres

I don’t know why preschool seems such a stressful time for homeschoolers, but I see this question often: “What curriculum do you use for preschool?” I always just want to reach through the computer screen and give y’all a big hug and let you know it’s going to be OK. They don’t need curriculum. Save what you think you want…

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