Welcome to the new Roscommon Acres. My name is Dan and I am a home growing cannabis cultivator in the State of Michigan. When I began home growing, I thought I’d be getting schooled by the competition, however thru learning different methods to grow cannabis indoors I began to produce top-shelf medical-grade cannabis buds and quickly earned a reputation for quality.

Recently I have taken a liking towards helping others learn how to grow their own weed at home. The entire process from seed-to-bud can be completed in the comfort of ones home, which makes indoor growing, grow tents and stealth closet growing the primary focus of this blog.

Why Roscommon Acres?

I’m glad you asked! We are located in Roscommon County, Michigan (yes, where recreational cannabis is legal) that’s why we chose the name Roscommon Acres. The Roscommon family name actually originated in County Roscommon, Ireland.  “Ros” means a gentle, wooded height, whereas “Coman” is the name of the County’s saint.