evidence for the exodus

Patterns of Evidence, Review and Giveaway!

Update! The giveaway is over (congratulations to the winner!), but if you are interested in the DVD, my review is below and there is a coupon at the bottom! Patterns of Evidence, Exodus is the culmination of Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney’s twelve year journey around the world to find the truth behind the Exodus story. Was it just a myth? Was…

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homeschooling the eclipse

Homeschooling the Eclipse

OK, so I’m a bit of a space geek. Maybe not as much as I used to be, but enough that I check out Star Date at the beginning of the month to see what is going on in the night sky. So when I saw that not only was a total eclipse hitting North America, but the path of…

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life skills

Teaching Your Children Lifelong Skills for Healthier Living

Teaching proper life skills is important to raising your children into healthy, happy adults. It’s important to instill values of health and self confidence in your children, and to teach proper self control and coping skills. This is especially true for children with learning disabilities and attention issues, although it applies to all children to some degree. This article contains…

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breaking ground on children's home
faith, Grief, Tiggy's House

Progress on Tiggy’s House!

It’s been a long, slow journey. Kind of like grief itself. But what was once a barren field in rural Nepal became a metaphor for the lifelessness I felt after losing a son. I can name off the events, but I still don’t know quite what insanity led a grieving family to attempt a task on this scale. None of…

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