talk to kids about terrorism

How Do We Talk to Our Kids About Terrorism?

Monday night, Salman Abedi detonated a bomb near the foyer of the Manchester Arena just as concert goers began filing out. 22 dead. 59 injured, many with life threatening injuries. The youngest was just eight years old. It was the worst act of terrorism in Britain since the 2005 London bombings which killed 56. And media broadcasts the nightmare right…

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homeschool high school

Choosing Curriculum to Homeschool High School

Next semester, my son enters high school. Homeschooling high school is a whole different level of commitment. There’s more work and more pressure. The count down to college and career has begun. And although I’ve done it once before, it’s still a little scary . . . and a little exciting.   He’s feeling it, too. “Mom, is this going…

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tearing down confederate monuments
culture, Politics

Dismantling History. Should We Destroy Confederate Monuments?

With faces masked, company logos covered and under the protection of police snipers, New Orleans has begun to tear down the confederate monuments of its past. The first to go? The Battle of Liberty Statue, commemorating an insurrection of white citizens angered by the mixed race Reconstructionists. Back in September, we walked down Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. My son…

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How to make Mother's Day More Meaningful
family, holidays

How to Make Mother’s Day More Meaningful

I don’t know about you, but bringing up Mother’s Day as a homeschool mom seems sort of . . .  I don’t know . . . anti-climactic? Where’s the surprise? And a child’s simple joy at surprising mom? I mean, you could gather all the supplies and leave the room. But we all know how that would turn out. And…

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How to Overcome Challenges in Your Homeschool
faith, family, homeschooling

How to Overcome Challenges in Your Homeschool

We all face challenges in our homeschools. Whether it is special needs, unmet expectations, attitude, behavior or our own lack of motivation, we all have those days when we wonder whether it is all worth the effort. How do we overcome challenges? Unfortunately, for most of the challenges in life, there is no magic formula. Otherwise I could title this…

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