Cherry Kola Kush: Where It’s From, What It Does, and How Strong It Hits

Cherry Kola Kush: Where It's From, What It Does, and How Strong It Hits

Yo, what’s up my fellow weed enthusiasts? My name is Dan, and I’m here to give you the lowdown on one of the hottest strains out there right now – Cherry Kola.

This indica-dominant hybrid comes straight outta Sonoma County, California with an average THC level of 22%. It’s the perfect strain for a chill nighttime sesh, inducing uplifting cerebral euphoria and deep relaxation. You’ll feel happy, relaxed, and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Now, let’s talk flavors. Cherry Kola has a fruity and sweet taste with notes of cherry, lemon, raspberry – all the good stuff. And the smell? It’s like a mix of raspberry framboise and honeydew with a hint of freshly cut grass. So yeah, it smells pretty damn good.

But here’s the thing – it can be hard to find seeds for this strain. The Sonoma County Collective isn’t currently making them available to the public for purchase. However, since it’s an indica strain, growing practices are thought to be similar to other indicas.

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So, what’s the backstory on Cherry Kola? Well, it’s a unique strain with a heartwarming origin story. The Sonoma County Collective was established as a non-profit organization to serve the needs of patients and provide them with low-cost medication. Members have access to a patient-to-patient delivery service that’s both convenient and discreet.

Cherry Kola is a cross between two Afghani strains from Takhar and Kandahar provinces. Both are purebred landrace strains of excellent quality. Its cherry-like scent is one of its most notable qualities – hence the name. The buds are dense, light green in color with orange hairs and patches of purple hues, accented by a sheet of crystal white, resinous trichomes.

But let’s talk about the high. Cherry Kola is known for inducing an overwhelming feeling of happiness and relaxation. The body-centered high is long-lasting and only subsides when you’re ready to fall asleep. It’s a highly sedative strain, which means that it may also be effective at treating insomnia, bipolar, and mild cases of PTSD.

Cherry Kola may be effective in relieving a variety of medical conditions. It’s used for relaxing at the end of a long day, relieving pain, muscle spasms, headaches, nausea, muscle tension, and cramps. It can also be helpful for those who are going through stressful times as it delivers a euphoric buzz that works as a powerful stress-reliever. Additionally, it induces happiness, which is why it may help people with depression to focus on the positive side of things.

Now, let’s talk about the possible side effects. Bloodshot red eyes and having a dry throat are some of the most common side effects. Due to its high THC level, Cherry Kola could cause some users to feel paranoid.

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In conclusion, Cherry Kola is quickly becoming a fan favorite and giving Sonoma County residents something to boast about other than wine. So if you’re in the area, be sure to find some and give it a try – you won’t regret it!

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