Where to Cop the Top-Notch Cherry Kush Seeds Online – Ya Dig?

Where to Cop the Top-Notch Cherry Kush Seeds Online - Ya Dig?

Yo what’s good, it’s ya boy Dan comin’ atcha with the latest on some fire cannabis strains. You tryna find sumthin’ that’s gonna make ya garden pop? Well, lemme put you on to Cherry Kush – this indica-dominant hybrid is gonna have you feelin’ like a king in ya own backyard. It’s got that sweet flavor and chill effects that’ll have you couch-locked in no time, plus it’s easy to grow and yields a ton of bud. If you wanna know how to grow this strain from seed to harvest, keep on readin’, cuz I gotchu covered.

First off, Cherry Kush is a cross between OG Kush and Cherry Haze (or maybe Purple Afghani, but we not sure). It’s got that fermented cherry flavor that some folks call Cherry Pie, but we gonna refer to it as Cherry Kush to keep it simple. This strain is so popular that peeps be jumpin’ at the chance to grow it, and lucky for y’all, feminized seeds are available online.

Now let’s talk about how to grow this bad boy. Cherry Kush is mad easy to grow, whether you do it indoors or outdoors. The plants have a strong structure so you don’t gotta worry ’bout supportin’ the branches too much. But if you want the best yield possible, you should consider using support poles and some trainin’ techniques like SOG or ScrOG.

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If you growin’ outdoors, the best climate is gonna be Mediterranean – bright lights, warmth, and moderate humidity gonna give ya max yield. But make sure you protect your plants from pests, diseases, and natural weather events so they stay healthy.

If you growin’ indoors, keep the temp around 77-86F and relative humidity below 70% during flowering. And if you use CO2 right, you could get even more yield.

Cherry Kush flowers in 8-10 weeks (sativas may take a bit longer) and yields up to 600g/m2 indoors or 600-700g per plant outdoors. The plants grow between 4-6 feet high so make sure you don’t let ’em get too big indoors.

Cherry Kush is also highly resistant to pests and diseases, but that don’t mean you should just set it and forget it. Make sure you remove any low growth (lollipop), add an oscillating fan per square meter, properly space each plant, keep your garden clean, wear clean clothes when tending to the plants, apply organic neem oil during vegetative stage, and inspect your crop daily.

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Let’s talk about what makes Cherry Kush so special. The buds are dense and coated in resin glands that shimmer in the light. They got deep-green calyxes and fiery orange pistils that provide a delicate touch. Plus they might turn purple if exposed to cold temps near the end of flowering cycle. The terpene profile is just as amazing – sweet cherries, baked dough, hashish, freshly cut wood – basically all the good stuff. And once you smoke it or vape it, you gonna feel those waves of euphoria right away. Your mind and body gonna relax and let go of any tension or stress. You might feel creative or sensual or motivated or whatever floats your boat. And after a few hours, you gonna feel super chill and ready for bed.

Plus this strain has medical benefits too – great for depression, anxiety, stress, mobility issues, insomnia, headaches, nausea.

Of course there’s always some negatives – if ya smoke too much you might get drowsy or paranoid or have red eyes or dry mouth. And if ya new to weed in general, start slow with this strain cuz it got high THC content.

Now if you’re lookin’ to buy Cherry Kush feminized seeds, you’re in luck. MSNL has them in stock at affordable prices. Plus, they just launched their express US shipping option, so you can get your seeds as fast as possible.

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All in all, Cherry Kush is a great strain to grow whether you a newbie or an experienced grower. It got everything ya need – easy to grow, high yield potential, amazing flavor and effects. So go ahead and get those feminized seeds today!

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