Vortex Weed Strain: Where it Comes From, What it Does, How Strong it Hits!

Vortex Weed Strain: Where it Comes From, What it Does, How Strong it Hits!

Yo, what’s good? It’s ya boy Dan comin’ atcha with the rundown on the Vortex cannabis strain. This stuff will have you feelin’ like you’re in a whirlwind of happiness, no cap. It’s known for its ability to improve moods and is a popular choice for those dealin’ with depression or stress. The flavors are on point too, with a mix of lemon, mango, and sour.

As far as where this stuff came from, it’s a cross of Space Queen and Apollo 13, likely created by TGA Subcool’s The Dank. It won Best Sativa at the 2010 Cannabis Cup and it’s not hard to see why. This sativa-dominant strain will hit you with a wave of euphoria that’ll have you feelin’ like you’re on a rollercoaster ride. The THC content might not seem that high, but the high is definitely lit.

You’ll feel happy as hell and get a boost in creativity. If you only take a little bit, you might even get some energy out of it. But don’t try to do anything too important after smokin’ this stuff cause it’ll have you feelin’ like the world is spinnin’.

The aroma is straight-up fruity with a tropical twist and the taste is just as good. You’ll get hit with sweet fruit flavors followed by a refreshing lemon aftertaste that’ll leave you feelin’ like you’re on an island somewhere.

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If you tryna grow this strain, it’s best to do it indoors for optimal results. It takes about 7-8 weeks to flower, so plan accordingly.Indoors, you’ll get about four ounces per square meter planted, but experienced growers have found that using LED lighting and hydroponics can help boost the yield.

When growin’ this Vortex, be prepared for some unusual mutations that might require some plant training. The branches are slim and not super strong, so you might want to use the SCROG method to get a better yield. It’s possible to grow Vortex outdoors and get up to five ounces per plant, but you gotta live in a warm, sunny climate for it to work.

If you struggle with depression or stress, this strain might be just what you need to forget about your troubles and feel blissful for a while. It can also help with chronic pain and aches, but it’s mostly used recreationally. Just be careful not to overdo it cause that can lead to dizziness and headaches, which nobody wants.

Overall, Vortex is some good sh*t if you know what you’re doin’. Novices should probably stay away and anyone dealing with anxiety or paranoia should tread lightly. But if you’re an experienced user lookin’ for a good time, Vortex won’t disappoint.

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