Yo, Spending Shows Weed Rescheduling is Legit

Yo, Spending Shows Weed Rescheduling is LegitYo, check it – we talkin’ bout a major move for a country that used to be all strict and prohibition with the alcohol back in the 1920s. They tried to control what people could drink, but guess what? People gonna do what they wanna do, legal or not. Just like how folks in Utah and Texas are gettin’ around that Pornhub ban by signin’ up for VPNs like crazy. And now, with the green stuff, consumers are showin’ their support with their wallets.

Culture wars been goin’ on in America for a minute now, from TikTok drama to the whole alcohol ban back in the day. They said the only thing that came outta that anti-booze time was teachin’ folks how to break the law. But if the people want somethin’, they gonna get it, no matter what. The Biden administration finally realized that and decided to reschedule cannabis to match public opinion. Over 85% of Americans think it should be legal in some way, and they puttin’ their money where their mouth is. Analysts at BDSA even said that people spendin’ habits reflect their thoughts on rescheduling.

So, with cannabis sales on the rise again this year, hittin’ $167 million on 4/20/24, it’s clear that the green wave ain’t stoppin’. Trends like “California sober” and Gen Z gettin’ into vapes and gummies instead of alcohol are makin’ moves. Lifestyle changes are happenin’, with more people optin’ for low-alcohol drinks, mocktails, and cannabis edibles over traditional booze. It’s a lil healthier, ya feel me?

Fully recreational states are benefitin’ too, with places like Missouri rakin’ in that tax money from cannabis sales. Most governors are down with rescheduling ’cause it’s not just what the people want – it’s also boostin’ the state’s funds and helpin’ out in other ways. Even New York State is cashin’ in on the green stuff, with licensed dispensaries bringin’ in over $175 million while shady non-tax payin’ stores start to fade out.

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And check this out – just like how holidays have certain days when folks use more cannabis or alcohol, there are some big days for weed. The top ones include 420, Green Wednesday, Black Friday, St Patrick’s Day, and Veteran’s Day. On the flip side, alcohol’s biggest days are New Year’s Eve, St Patrick’s Day, July 4th, Blackout Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and Black Friday.

We’ll see how the next year plays out for the cannabis industry, the government, and the people. Stay tuned for more updates on this green revolution!

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