Why the DEA Tryna Decide if Weed Legal or Nah? Jesse Ventura Got Questions!

Why the DEA Tryna Decide if Weed Legal or Nah? Jesse Ventura Got Questions!Yo, peep this: the DEA is thinkin’ about reschedulin’ marijuana, and former governor Jesse Ventura ain’t feelin’ it. He ain’t the only one, though. A whole crew of lawmakers is puttin’ pressure on the DEA to get their act together and make some moves on the marijuana front.

So, the DEA dropped a bombshell recently sayin’ they gonna review the schedule of marijuana. This got all the cannabis advocates and politicians buzzin’, ’cause it could mean some big changes are on the horizon. The DEA’s top dog in charge of Congress stuff, Michael Miller, says they gonna follow all the rules laid out by Congress, includin’ a public comment period and a hearing.

Now, this might not sound like much, but it’s a big deal. It means the DEA might be thinkin’ about movin’ marijuana from its super strict Schedule I status. They could be lookin’ at bumpin’ it down to Schedule III or even takin’ it off the schedule completely.

If the DEA does decide to make a change, us regular folks gonna have 30 days to give our two cents before it becomes official. And trust me, our voices matter in this fight.

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But here’s the thing: why should the DEA even have a say in whether weed is legal or not? This is where things get real sticky. Some folks are questionin’ if an enforcement agency like the DEA should be callin’ the shots on this issue. It’s like lettin’ the cops make the laws – don’t make no sense!

On top of that, there’s some shady business goin’ down behind closed doors. The Biden Administration been talkin’ about reschedulin’ weed to Schedule III, which would basically hand over control of the market to Big Pharma. That ain’t cool.

Jesse Ventura been in the game for a minute fightin’ for weed legalization. Dude knows firsthand how cannabis can change lives – his wife’s life was saved by medical marijuana when she had seizures. Since then, he been all about pushin’ for reform, even when his own party told him to back off.

Ventura ain’t holdin’ back either. He straight-up called out the DEA for tryna make decisions on marijuana when they’re supposed to be bustin’ people for havin’ it. That’s like lettin’ the wolf guard the henhouse – straight up nonsense!

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And he ain’t wrong – we need to take a hard look at who should really be decidin’ whether weed is legal or not. It ain’t just about politics, it’s about what’s right for the people.

So as we gear up for the 2024 elections, remember that we gotta keep our eyes on these politicians and make sure they stick to their promises. Don’t let ’em pull a fast one on us when it comes to cannabis reform.

The bottom line is this: we gotta stay informed, stay engaged, and keep pushin’ for real change when it comes to marijuana policy. It’s up to us to make sure our voices are heard and that we finally put an end to this outdated prohibition once and for all.

And hey, if you wanna learn more about why the DEA still out here arrestin’ people for weed even after it’s gettin’ legalized, check out this article. It’ll open your eyes to what’s really goin’ down in the streets.

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