Realest Guide to Cannabis Tourism in Beantown, Massachusetts

Realest Guide to Cannabis Tourism in Beantown, Massachusetts

Yo, Boston, Massachusetts be one of them dope vacation spots fo’ all dem peeps who be lovin’ some natural beauty in they travels. Known as the “Cradle of Modern America,” Boston be havin’ a mix of history and modern attractions, plus a sick cannabis scene. Since Massachusetts legalized weed in 2016, cannabis tourism in Boston been blowin’ up, makin’ mad cash from them adult-use marijuana sales. If you a weed head lookin’ to hit up Beantown, this guide gonna help you max out yo’ visit. We done checked out Massachusetts weed laws, pot shops in Boston, weed delivery in Boston, and all that other key info you need fo’ yo’ Boston vacay.

Massachusetts Marijuana Laws

Weed be legal in Massachusetts fo’ folks 21 and up, but that don’t mean you can blaze anywhere you want. Here’s some basics ’bout them weed laws in Massachusetts:

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– No smokin’ in public or on federal land.
– You can have up to an ounce of weed, up to 10 ounces at home, and up to 5 grams of concentrate outside yo’ crib.
– You can grow up to six plants at home and up to 12 per household.
– Don’t be drivin’ high.
– Don’t have open containers of weed in yo’ ride.
– Landlords and local areas may have they own rules ’bout weed.
– You don’t gotta be a Mass resident to buy weed, but you need a gov ID.
– Don’t take weed outta state.

Where to Find Weed in Boston

Since they legalized recreational weed in Mass, pot shops be poppin’ up all over the place. Whether you lookin’ fo’ top-notch strains, edibles, or gear, you can find quality stuff at Boston pot shops.

Cannabis Dispensaries in Boston

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NETA be one of Boston’s first rec weed stores. They got premium products and top-notch service. Located at 160 Washington St., Brookline, MA, NETA sells both medical and rec weed. They got flowers, vapes, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, infused goods, and medical cannabis. NETA got a variety of top-quality strains grown in prime conditions. They got friendly budtenders ready to walk you through they selection. NETA open Monday-Saturday 10am-7.45pm; Sunday 12-5.45pm. They take cash, debit cards, and credit cards. You can reserve yo order online before hittin’ they store fo’ a quick pickup.

#2 Garden Remedies

Garden Remedies be a Boston-area dispensary owned by Dr. Karen Munkacy. They grow and make all they products in Mass with love. They got three locations near downtown Boston – Newton, Marlborough, and Melrose. Newton location pretty popular so appointments required now. You can also pre-order online fo’ quicker pickup.

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#3 253 Farmacy

If you wanderin’ ’round the Pioneer Valley area (like an hour from Boston), check out 253 Farmacy in Turners Falls off Interstate 91. They friendly and got high-quality flower, edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges, and more. They tryna be the first vertically-integrated dispensary in Mass – growin’, processin’, and sellin’ they own stuff!

#4 Solar Therapeutics

Solar Therapeutics be all ’bout that eco-friendly life – they use solar power and recyclable packaging to reduce they carbon footprint while sellin’ premium cannabis products like flower, concentrates, edibles, and vapes.

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#5 Alternative Therapies Group (ATG)

ATG was one of the first dispensaries in Boston offerin’ medical marijuana before switchin’ to rec weed later on. They known for high quality products and good shopping experience.

#6 Canna Provisions

If yo sightseein’ takes you to the Berkshires area durin’ yo stay in Boston, Canna Provisions in Lee is where you wanna grab some weed fo’ yo adventure.

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Smoke Shops in Boston

There be plenty smoke shops in Mass carryin’ glass pipes, bongs, vapes, CBD stuff – all made right here in ‘Merica!

#7 Eastie Smoke Shop

Located at 76 Bennington St., East Boston, Eastie Smoke Shop got a huge selection of E-juice grinders dry herb vaporizers wax glass pipes and mo’. One-stop-shop fo’ cannabis enthusiasts lookin’ to get lit.

Weed Delivery in Boston

Boston offers rec weed delivery! Check out Potlala fo’ high-quality lab-tested flower concentrate edibles delivered right to yo door.

Yo man don’t wanna miss out on adventures while you high in Mass! Peep these 420-friendly activities:

Cannabis Tours in Massachusetts

If you lookin’ for tours around BeanCity featurin’ the best dispensaries grow facilities and restaurants then checkout Boston Cannabis Tours! They offer group tours on Saturdays & Sundays so you can meet other folks who love them some green.

Cannabis Lounges in Boston

Check out Eat Sacrilicious fo’ customized cannabis dining paired with top-notch grub or hit up The Summit Lounge for a chill spot to kick back with friends.

Places to Explore When You’re Blazed

Visit the Museum of Fine Arts for culture vibes or head to the Skywalk Observatory fo’ sick views of Beantown landmarks.

Make yo next vacay destination Boston – it’s got everything from dope dispensaries to chill lounges to cool activities while high! Hit us up if we missed anythin’ – we wanna hear ’bout yo favorite activities fo’ that perfect cannabis vacay!

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