These Two Dope Weed Brands Might Vanish

These Two Dope Weed Brands Might VanishYo, check this out – we talking bout two big players in the weed game, High Times and Medmen. These two companies used to be all up in the spotlight, leading the charge in the legal cannabis industry. But now, they both done hit rock bottom and gone into receivership in April.

Back in the day, both of these companies was living large, getting attention from all corners of the media. Medmen was out here making moves, even getting roasted on South Park. They was talking that talk on Cheddar, acting like they owned the game. High Times, the OG cannabis cup creator, was making power moves too. They was making deals left and right, expanding into dispensaries and whatnot.

But now, both of these companies is stuck in court, waiting to see if they gonna sink or swim. Medmen came onto the scene in 2010 with Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin holding it down. They opened up shop in Cali, setting trends with their Apple Store vibe for weed shops. But then things went left when they went public with a reverse merger. Lawsuits started flying, critics started calling them out, and before you knew it, they had to shut down most of their operations. Now they sitting on $411 million in debt waiting for a court ruling.

High Times was supposed to be the leader of the pack, teaching people about the benefits of weed and bringing celebs into the mix. But then they got sold off to some investors who promised big things but left everybody feeling played. They tried to jump into the legal market game but got left behind by companies like Wana Brands with their chill gummies.

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It’s a sad story for these once high-flying companies, but it’s a lesson for all of us in this ever-changing industry. The weed world ain’t all glitz and glam – sometimes you gotta watch your back and stay on your grind.

So next time you think about blazing up or investing in the cannabis game, remember the cautionary tales of High Times and Medmen. Stay woke, stay hustling, and maybe you’ll make it out on top.

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  1. Man, that be messed up if they vanish. Them brands got some fire products, always keep it real. Hope they find a way to stay in the game.


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