Royal Queen Seeds & Mike Tyson: the ultimate duo for your grow ops

Royal Queen Seeds & Mike Tyson: the ultimate duo for your grow opsYo, peep this – Royal Queen Seeds, the undisputed champs of the European seed game, are now teaming up with the one and only Kid Dynamite, Mike Tyson. This ain’t your average collab, nah, this is the real deal. Iron Mike ain’t just a famous boxer with a face tattoo, he’s also a major player in the cannabis world. His Tyson 2.0 line of products has been making waves all across the US, and now, thanks to this exclusive partnership with Royal Queen Seeds, you can get your hands on these strains and grow them yourself.

Let me break it down for you. These two heavyweights have joined forces to bring you some of the dopest new seeds around. But before we get into the details on these strains, let’s talk about why this partnership is so epic.

Iron Mike ain’t just in it for the clout. He’s a true cannabis advocate, spreading the good word about the plant’s medical and recreational benefits every chance he gets. This ain’t just about making money for Tyson – it’s about spreading love for growing and sharing his passion for cannabis with the world. And that’s what makes this collab so special.

Royal Queen Seeds is no slouch either. These guys have been in the game for years, delivering top-quality seeds to growers all over. They’ve got the experience and expertise to take Tyson 2.0 to new heights.

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Now let’s talk about these strains. First up, we got Gelato 44. This indica-dominant hybrid is no joke. It’s a strain for experienced growers who know what they’re doing. But if you can handle it, Gelato 44 offers a citrusy flavor and a relaxing high that even Iron Mike himself can appreciate.

Next, we got Dynamite Diesel. Named after Kid Dynamite himself, this strain will knock you out cold. With genetics from Sour Diesel and Skywalker OG, this indica-like strain is not for the faint of heart.

Then there’s NYC Sour D Auto. This sativa is a favorite of Iron Mike and offers a sour and citrus flavor profile perfect for an energetic buzz.

GOAT’Lato Auto is another winner from this collab. This fast-growing indica-dominant hybrid is ready to harvest in just ten weeks and offers a flavorful smoke that hits fast and hard.

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Punch Pie is another of Mike’s favorites. This pure indica strain spreads out wide and produces sweet-smelling buds that pack a punch.

And finally, we got Corkscrew Auto. This slightly sativa-dominant hybrid is tough as nails and delivers an energetic and creative high that’ll keep you going all day.

So there you have it – the first six strains from Royal Queen Seeds and Tyson 2.0. These seeds are the real deal, so make sure you check them out if you’re looking to grow some top-quality bud. And who knows what other surprises this partnership has in store? Stay tuned to see what Iron Mike and Royal Queen Seeds come up with next. Happy growing!

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