12 Bong Brands 2 Watch In ’23

12 Bong Brands 2 Watch In '23

Ay yo, it’s ya boy Dan kickin’ it with tha homies here comin’ at ya with my top 12 bong brands 2 watch in ’23. Now I know what y’all might be thinkin’, ‘2 many bongs, 2 littla time!’ But lemme tell ya, I’ma make sure you ain’t missin’ out on tha gravy train this year.

I’m startin’ off with tha classic: ROOR Glass. This brand has been around since the early days of ’90s Hip-Hop and they ain’t slowin’ down anytime soon. Their glassware is always slick and clean-cut and they use high quality borosilicate glass that’ll last ya a lifetime. Plus they got some sick custom designs that’ll have ya feelin’ like a king in no time.

Next up, we got Helix. Now this bong brand has got some of tha purest glass designs on the market. They use scientific-grade borosilicate glass for their pieces and it’s always super smooth to the touch. Plus, their unique percolator system helps to filter smoke and provide an even smoother hit than usual.

Now if you’re lookin’ for somethin’ a lil bit more unique, then you gonna want ta check out Chameleon Glass. This bong brand offers up some of tha most unique pieces on the market with their signature color changing glass that’s sure to turn some heads when you pull it out of your bag.

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And if it’s innovation ya after, then Grav Labs is your go-to spot. These guys are always pushing tha boundaries of what’s possible in the world of bongs, with their signature beaker design and their signature UFO percolator design that provide hits that are out of this world, yo!

We can’t forget bout the OG HydraTube either! This bong brand has been around since 1999 and they make some of tha best bongs on tha planet. Their glass is always super thick and durable and they offer up a range of shapes and sizes that’ll suit all kindsa tastes.

And don’t sleep on UPC Glass either! These cats are always bringin’ something new to the game with their unique designs that will make you look twice when you see ’em. Plus, they use hand-blown premium American made glass for all their pieces so you know you’re getting quality when you buy from them homies!

If it efficiency you after, then Pulsar Glass is gonna be your one-stop shop. They use a unique vacuum system for their bongs that can help cool down smoke and allow for bigger hits than ever before! Plus, their design aesthetics are always on point and will match any stoner’s collection nicely.

Alright we can’t talk about bong brands without talking bout Wig Wag Glass too! These guys have been in the business since the ’90s and they’ve got some of tha wildest designs out there. If you’re after somethin’ that’s gonna stand out in a crowd, then these guys gotcha covered!

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Then there’s Zob Glass too! This bong brand is known for their super slick designs that are crafted from high-quality scientific grade glass. Plus, their awesome percolators will make sure you gettha smoothest hits ever every time!

And don’t forget about Purr Glass either! These cats have been makin’ moves since 2004 and they still got some of tha freshest designs out there today. They got sick custom designs as well as classic pieces that will look great in any collection.

Finally we gotta give a shoutout to Gravitron Gravity Bongs too! These guys have been makin’ some serious waves in the bong world over the past few years with their innovative gravity bongs that provide massive hits without fail every time!

So there ya have it homies, my top 12 bong brands 2 watch in ’23. From OG classics like ROOR Glass ta new players like Gravitron Gravity Bongs, there’s something for everyone when it comes ta choosin’ tha perfect piece for ya collection this year! So whaddya say? Let’s get lit!

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