12 Lit Weed Brands and Crews Holdin’ It Down for Vets

12 Lit Weed Brands and Crews Holdin' It Down for VetsYo, check it – a lot of vets out there ain’t getting the medical cannabis they need ’cause it’s still illegal on the federal level. And, like, there’s studies and stories showin’ how weed can help with PTSD, but if vets ain’t got a safe or legal way to get it, they might never get the care they need or even catch criminal charges.

But yo, there’s some organizations out there led by vets tryna change that stigma and push for open access to cannabis for all vets. It’s like a movement, man. Here are 12 brands and orgs that are holdin’ it down for veterans and fightin’ for legal weed:

Veterans Cannabis Coalition (VCC) – CA

VCC, founded by vet Eric Goepel, is all about endin’ that negative stigma around cannabis. They push for advocacy, education, and policy changes to make sure vets everywhere can get their hands on medical weed legally.

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Helmand Valley Growers Company (HVGC) – CA

HVGC donates their proceeds to the Battle Brothers Foundation, which helps vets get mentorship and community support. They the first vet-owned brand in the Weedmaps TEAL program, so you know they legit. Cop some of their products to support vets in Cali.

Weed for Warriors Project (WFWP) – CA

This crew is all about fightin’ for change on the fed level by pushin’ for compassionate care options for vets. They out here educatin’ lawmakers and supportin’ vets lookin’ for legal access to cannabis. If you wanna get involved and back WFWP, hit up their site.

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Veterans for Holistic Alternatives (VAHA) – LA

These folks out in Louisiana are all about open access to medical cannabis for vets. Through outreach, support, and reform efforts, VAHA is makin’ moves to empower vets and hook ’em up with what they need. Show your love by donating to VAHA.

Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance (SCVA) – CA

This crew in Cali grows cannabis just for their fellow vets. Through their Veteran Compassion Program, SCVA gives free lab-tested weed to over 100 vets every month. If you’re a vet with proof of service and a doctor’s rec, you can grab some free weed at their dispensary in Soquel.

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CNA Stores – MA

CNA Stores out in Mass is veteran-owned and supports East Coast vets by donating to the Veterans Northeast Outreach Center. This org focuses on housing needs, community services, and mental health support for vets and their families. Donate to VNEOC if you wanna back them up.

Brothers Mark Cannabis – CA

Run by US military vets, Brothers Mark Cannabis is all about helpin’ vets deal with PTSD symptoms through medical weed. They got flower, concentrates, and vape carts up for grabs, with proceeds goin’ to the Veterans Cannabis Group for support and resources.

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Xtreme Couture GI Foundation (XCGIF) – NV

This Vegas-based non-profit was started by UFC champ Randy Couture to help combat veterans adjust to civilian life. They offer financial aid, mental health support, physical wellness programs through Merging Vets and Players (MVP), and troop morale visits worldwide.

Veterans Walk and Talk (VWAT) – CA

These folks been fightin’ for social justice, vet rights, and cannabis research since 2016. They run community events, therapy sessions with cannabis and psychedelics, and group hikes around SoCal. Become a member to show your support.

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Trulieve – AZ, FL, WV, and GA

Trulieve teamed up with Disabled American Veterans to support vets in multiple states like Florida, Arizona, West Virginia, and Georgia. Your purchases can help raise money for DAV through Trulieve’s donation programs.

Charlie’s – AZ

Cop some flower cones from Charlie’s to support Soldier’s Best Friend. This non-profit pairs up veterans with dogs as part of their therapy process. Help them out by donating directly or buying from Charlie’s.

Veteran Access Program (VAP) – MI

VAP hooks up Michigan vets with medical cannabis through partnerships with dispensaries. Vets who can’t leave home can even get deliveries of tested products through the program. Apply online if you’re a vet lookin’ for help.

So yeah man, these organizations are doin’ big things for our veterans out there. Show your love by donating or coppin’ products from these brands that are making a difference in the lives of those who served our country. Let’s keep pushin’ for that change! Peace out!

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