10 dope LGBTQ+ owned brands to rep all year round fam

10 dope LGBTQ+ owned brands to rep all year round, fam.

Yo, what’s good? My name is Dan and let me tell you, Pride is lit this year. You know what else is lit? Cannabis. And it’s been a part of the LGBTQIA+ scene for ages now. We’re all about that canna-culture, and this month is the perfect time to show some love to the LGBTQIA+ cannabis growers, artisans, and crafters out there.

First up, we got Open Apothecary. They got all sorts of dope products with a bit of esoteric flair – zodiac pre-rolls, bath bombs, serums with crystals, and balms that’ll soothe your soul. It’s all femme-forward and community-centered too – not like those capitalist boomers.

Then there’s Brown Sugar Botanicals. These guys are queer-led and they source their stuff from queer-owned farms and growers. Their herbal blends can be steeped or puffed, and their topicals are both soothing and relieving. And you already know it’s all organic.

If you’re into skincare, Atlanta Sauce Co. has got you covered. They’re based in Georgia and they’re all about therapeutic luxury – sugar scrubs, silky lotions, balms, and even an all-natural hair growth spray.

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Blunt Skincare is all about facial oils made with full or broad spectrum cannabis derived ingredients. Their Moonrock oil will leave your skin rosy and refreshed – trust me, I discovered these guys during Pride 2020 and my queer stoner skin has been looking better than ever since then.

For queer sex education (because let’s face it, schools ain’t teaching us this stuff), Noir Leaf is where it’s at. They’re working to destigmatize queer sex with topical and smokable cannabinoids for relaxation, intimacy, and sex. They even got a collection of sapphic AF erotic toys – y’all know what I mean.

Green Box is a dispensary in Portland that stands out from the rest. It’s Black, queer, and veteran-owned, and they got a super prompt delivery service too. So whether you’re a PDX local or just visiting Rose City, hit up Green Box for some medibles, pre-rolls, curated strains, or even necessary accessories.

Pleasure Peaks is all about sexual health – bath salts, bio-specific capsules, lube, tinctures, suppositories – you name it, they got it. And their cannabis-themed sex toys and accessories are fire too.

Farbod Ceramics is where you can find some dope smoking accessories – statement-making coffee table ritual vases (AKA bongs), kitschy fruit and vegetable shaped pipes – you name it. These pieces are works of art that deserve a place in every stoned home.

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If you’re in Austin, Texas, Mary Jae is the spot to hit up. They’re BIPOC-, queer-, and female-led and they got all sorts of dispensary stuff along with lifestyle items and accessories. Plus they offer social club opportunities so you can network and kiki with other like-minded Austinites.

Finally, for all my unapologetically femme stoners out there, Cushy Cones are a must-have. They come in all sorts of vibrant prints and colors and they’re made from 100% all-natural materials with coloring made from edible, plant-based, & flavorless soy oils. Don’t be seen dragging plain beige doinks to your lips – get yourself some Cushy Cones.

So there you have it – 10 LGBTQ+-owned brands to support this month and every month. Celebrate Pride in style and show some love to the canna-culture community while you’re at it. Peace out.

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