Roscommon County Resident Jailed for Growing Cannabis

Roscommon County Resident Jailed for Growing Cannabis

A man from Lithuania residing in Roscommon County has been jailed for one year due to growing cannabis plants in his indoor grow room. The man spoke of how he learned to grow by watching YouTube videos about growing cannabis, and how his sister loaned him money to purchase seeds and indoor growing equipment.

Roscommon Circuit Court heard Roscommon County resident Daivaras Petrauska, who told Gardaí he created an indoor cannabis grow house in the town of Boyle, in order to have a personal supply for his own usage.

The sentence comes following a surveillance operation back in June of 2017 where officers raided a residence on the street of Carrick Road, Boyle which lead to the 30-year-old Lithuanian man pleading guilty to the cultivation of cannabis.

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According to officer Sgt Keelan Brennan, a total of 72 cannabis plants were uncovered in the rented home during the bust. The cannabis plants were described to be in the mid-late blooming stage of their growth cycle.

cannabis plant flowering in an indoor grow room
A flowering female cannabis plant in late bloom cycle


We really need to end these draconian laws that surround cannabis and imprison our residents for simply growing plants that have been accepted as medicine in many parts of the United States. Ending the drug war on cannabis starts with keeping our people out of jails.

It’s time that Roscommon County and the rest of Michigan reconsider their stances on the punishments for cultivation of cannabis. The laws are indeed troublesome for residents who hear of legal cannabis in the news and social media.

Moving forward we can hope to create a free and respectful environment for Roscommon County, where safe access to cannabis and the right to grow can be had by residents who chose to use the same plant known as medicine by humans for centuries.



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  1. I wish the whole country or world could do what Colorado is doing man.
    This is pure hypocrisy. It’s like jailing someone for planting their own medication in their backyard.


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