Gallup Poll Be Like: 70% of Y’all Think Weed Should Be Legit

Gallup Poll Be Like: 70% of Y’all Think Weed Should Be Legit

Yo, check it out. This fresh-ass Gallup poll just dropped on November 8 and it’s straight fire! It’s saying that more and more people in the U.S. are getting down with the idea of legalizing that good ol’ Mary Jane. Can you believe that? A whopping 68% of Americans, like seven out of every 10 individuals, are saying “hell yeah” to the question, “Should weed be legal or nah?” Only 29% of fools out there still ain’t convinced, and 1% are unsure about this whole thing.

But wait, this ain’t even the start of it. Gallup been asking folks about weed since way back in 1969 when only 12% of Americans were down with the ganja. Fast forward to now, and we hitting major milestones. In 2013, we hit 58% support for legalization after Colorado and Washington State made it legal. Then it dipped a bit to 51% in 2014, but guess what? It started climbing back up and hit 59% in 2015, then 60% in 2016, and kept steady at 64% in 2017 and 2019. But hold up, it don’t stop there. We hit new highs of 68% in 2020, 2021, and 2022, and finally jumped to a solid 70% in 2023. We on a roll, baby!

So let’s break it down by ideology, my peeps. Turns out, most people from all backgrounds support legalizing Mary Jane. We got 91% of liberals saying “pass that joint,” 73% of moderates vibing with it, and even 52% of conservatives chilling with the idea. And let me tell you something about political parties – this ain’t no partisan issue. We got a staggering 87% of Democrats, 70% of independents, and even 55% of Republicans getting down with the green.

And it ain’t just the young bloods who want to light up, my friends. We got 79% of those cool cats aged 18 to 34 saying “let’s blaze it,” and even 71% of those aged 31 to 35 getting in on the action. But don’t sleep on the OGs either, ’cause 64% of folks over 55 are also down for the cause.

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Now let’s talk gender. It don’t matter if you a bro or a babe, we all in this together. A solid 72% of men and 68% of women are saying “legalize it.” Now, when it comes to race and ethnicity, we keeping it simple with two categories. People of color are showing strong support at 72%, while non-Hispanic white adults are also vibing with a solid 69%.

Education ain’t holding nobody back from supporting legalization. In fact, those who went to “some college” are leading the pack at 73%. But don’t front on those who didn’t go to college or got a postgraduate degree – they tied at 70%. And even college graduates only are at a respectable 66%. So you see, there ain’t no significant differences in support based on gender, race, or education.

According to Gallup’s authors, cannabis is more popular than ever before. They straight up said, “The nation has reached a broad consensus on legalizing marijuana, with a full seven in 10 now supportive.” And it ain’t just regular folks who want this – even politicians and ideologues across the spectrum are in agreement. They added that despite some concerns raised by health organizations and political commentators about the risks of weed, it ain’t stopping us from pushing for legalization. And guess what? Young adults are leading the way, so you better believe that national backing will keep growing in the coming years, with more states and maybe even the federal government getting on board.

But that ain’t all, my friends. Gallup dropped another bomb back in August. They did a survey called the Gallup Consumption Habits survey, and it’s eye-opening. Did you know that 50% of Americans have tried Mary Jane? That’s right, half of us out there have taken a hit. And get this, only 17% of peeps said they currently smoke weed. That number has been steadily climbing since 2013 when it was at a measly 7%. We’ve come a long way, my friends.

Now here’s where things get interesting – political parties. Turns out, 57% of Democrats and 52% of independents have smoked that good stuff. But only 39% of Republicans have taken a toke. Back in 2013, when Gallup first asked this question, only 7% of Americans said they had ever smoked weed. So you see, times are changing, and we ain’t going back.

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Other surveys are backing up these findings too. A recent survey by EO Care, a cannabis wellness company, showed that 18% of participants used weed for health reasons in the past year, while 19% enjoyed it recreationally. And get this, 14% used it for both medical and recreational purposes. We got options out here!

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, a study published in the medical journal Psychedelic Medicine showed that even psychiatrists are changing their tune about psychedelics. These doctors are planning to incorporate hallucinogen-assisted therapy into their practice if it gets approved by the powers that be.

So there you have it, my peeps – cannabis legalization is blazing hot right now in America. The majority of us are saying it’s time to make Mary Jane legal, and ain’t nothing gonna stop that train. We moving forward, one puff at a time.

Peace out, and keep it lit!

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