Straight Up: 70% Be All About That Legal Weed, Even Most Republicans, Says Gallup Poll

Straight Up: 70% Be All About That Legal Weed, Even Most Republicans, Says Gallup Poll

Yo, peeps! Check it out, support for cannabis legalization is off the charts, fam! According to a dope Gallup poll, seven outta ten Americans are straight-up backing an end to prohibition. And get this, it ain’t just one political party that’s down with it. Nah, there’s a sizable majority of Republicans, Democrats, and independents all on board the legalization train.

This survey dropped on Wednesday and it’s showin’ us that support for legalization is at an all-time high since Gallup started keepin’ track back in 1969. Every demographic that got polled is showin’ love for the reform. Seventy percent of respondents say they back legalization, which is a two percent jump from last year. Only 29 percent of Americans think weed should still be illegal. That’s some weak sauce, man.

What’s really interesting is that it don’t matter if you’re chillin’ in a state that already legalized or if you’re stuck in one of them states where it’s only medically legal or straight-up prohibited. Gallup found no difference in support between these two groups. Seventy percent of adults in both categories are in favor of blazing up. So no matter where you at, the majority want to see cannabis legalized.

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And check this out, yo. It don’t matter if you’re a dude or a chick, young or old, black or white, educated or not, livin’ on the east coast or the west coast. It don’t even matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat, or independent. There’s majority support for weed legalization across the board.

Gallup straight-up said, “The nation has reached a broad consensus on legalizing marijuana, with a full seven in 10 now supportive.” That’s some real talk right there. Not only do most adults in the U.S. favor it, but so do majorities from all political and ideological groups. We’re all lightin’ up together, fam.

Now, there’s some folks out there who are trippin’ and raisin’ concerns about the health risks of Mary Jane. But that ain’t stoppin’ the public from wantin’ to get high legally. The younger generation is especially into the idea of legalization. So in the years ahead, we can expect even more people pushin’ for legalization, and maybe even the government will wake up and legalize it on a federal level. Who knows, man?

Support for weed has been growin’ slowly over the years, but it’s really taken off recently as more and more states have legalized it. From 2019 to 2022, support seemed to level off at 68 percent, but now it’s jumped up to a solid 70 percent. That’s some progress right there.

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The latest poll shows that young adults are especially down with the ganja. Eighty-seven percent of peeps aged 18-34 wanna see it legalized. The support drops slightly for the next age group—71 percent of those aged 34-54 are in favor. And then it drops a bit more for the older folks, with 64 percent of those 55 and older supporting legalization. But still, overall, the majority is on our side.

When it comes to political party affiliation, Democrats are leading the charge with a record-breaking 87 percent supporting legalization. Independents are right behind them at 69 percent. And even Republicans are gettin’ on board with 55 percent supporting legalization—their support has gone up four percentage points since last year.

Now, this Gallup poll involved interviews with a thousand and nine Americans from October 2nd to October 23rd. So it’s clear that despite some peeps still clingin’ to outdated ideas about weed, the majority is ready for a change.

So what’s the deal with the Republicans, huh? Gallup pointed out that there’s been a widening partisan divide over the past two decades. Democrats have been quicker to embrace legalization, while Republicans have been slower to catch up. But hey, at least we’re seein’ progress. And compared to other hot-button issues like climate change and gun control, the divide on weed is smaller.

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But don’t worry, y’all. It ain’t just this Gallup poll showin’ us that Americans are ready to end the federal ban on weed. A bunch of other polls released earlier this year also found that most Americans wanna legalize it, regardless of their political affiliation.

Now, here’s the thing—24 states have already legalized recreational use, and even more have some form of medical cannabis available. But the feds? They’re laggin’ way behind. Especially the Republicans in Congress—they’re actin’ all stubborn and resistin’ the growing support for legalization among their own voters. Come on, guys, get with the program!

Just last week, Ohio became the latest state to say “yes” to legalization at the ballot. And next year, Florida might be joinin’ the party too if their Supreme Court rules in favor of it. So it looks like change is in the air, fam.

So there you have it, folks. The majority of Americans are ready for legalization. We’ve come a long way since the ’60s when only 12 percent of peeps were against prohibition. It’s time for a new era. Let’s blaze it up and legalize that green goodness!

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