The World Right Now, Man – A Stoner’s Perspective on What’s Going Down Everywhere

The World Right Now, Man – A Stoner’s Perspective on What’s Going Down Everywhere

Yo, my homies! Dan here, takin’ a hit from this bomb joint and thinkin’ ’bout the messed up state of the world. Everywhere you look, it’s death and destruction, man. Right now, the whole Russia-Ukraine thing is gettin’ overshadowed by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Shiz’s crazy, yo.

And don’t even get me started on the economy, bruh. Prices be skyrocketin’ like crazy. What used to cost a hundred bucks now only gets you a quarter of what it used to. But ain’t nobody makin’ more money to keep up with that shiz, so people endin’ up in mad debt and all stressed out.

I wrote earlier this year ’bout how alcoholism and drug abuse be on the rise among peeps who are thirty and older. The researchers were trippin’, wonderin’ why adults are gettin’ high and drunk more than ever. But honestly, when you look at the state of our leaders, it makes sense. Doin’ drugs and drinkin’ is probably the sanest response to this messed up world we livin’ in.

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Now I know there be smart-ass people out there, all educated and shiz, who can break down why the world is so effed up with fancy words and theories. They’ll talk ’bout history and supply chains and geopolitical conflicts. They’ll say it’s all ’cause of corporate greed, politicians suckin’ up to corporations, media manipulation, and society losin’ its damn values. And yeah, they might have a point.

But why listen to them?

Instead, let’s hear it from a stoner who been writin’ ’bout weed, politics, culture, history—basically everythin’—for like fifteen years now. I got some wild theories that might blow your mind. This shiz ain’t based on facts or evidence, but it’s damn entertainin’, that’s for sure.

So buckle up, fam, ’cause I’m ’bout to drop some truth bombs on ya. This is my personal take on why the world is the way it is, and trust me, you ain’t heard nothin’ like this before.

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The world is ruled by this secret society I call “The Swarm.” It’s made up of rich assholes, like aristocrats, bankers, and oligarchs. They’ve been callin’ the shots for centuries, man. They got their own effed up traditions, like every hundred years they orchestrate some mass-casualty event—usually a pandemic—to keep the population in check. Sick, right?

But somethin’ went wrong this time. The COVID pandemic didn’t go as planned. People started questionin’ shiz, and the balance of power shifted. The Swarm couldn’t control us anymore. So now they’re panickin’, tryna distract us with conflicts and chaos. But it ain’t workin’, man. The more they try to manipulate us, the more they expose themselves.

That’s where we come in, my dudes. Cannabis and psychedelics have raised our consciousness beyond their control. We’re wakin’ up to their bullshiz. We’re turnin’ inward to find our own truth instead of buyin’ into their fear-based propaganda.

So here’s what we gotta do, fam. Stop feedin’ into their narrative. Turn off the news, stop gettin’ caught up in all that fear porn they peddle. Instead, focus on love, creativity, and kindness. Nourish your spirit with art, nature, and community.

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By doin’ this, we radiate positive vibes out into the world. We become beacons of light in the darkness. And trust me, one person radiatin’ love and wisdom is more powerful than all the darkness in the world. We can’t force others to change, but we can change ourselves and inspire others through our actions.

The future ain’t set in stone, my friends. We have the power to create a new world, one filled with love, justice, and unity. But it starts within ourselves. We gotta nurture our own souls and let that light shine bright.

So don’t lose hope, my homies. The story’s just beginnin’. Together, we can heal the wounds of the past and build a better future. It won’t be easy, but if we stay true to ourselves and live from a place of love, we can change the world.

Oh, and by the way, if you wanna know what’s goin’ on in the cannabis industry, check out this link. Some industry experts weigh in on whether it’s dead or not. Stay woke, fam!

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Peace out,


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