Yo, Check This: Medical Weed Doesn’t Mess with Your Brain Skills, But Hold Up, Let Me School You ‘Bout Them Other Dope Substances…

Yo, Check This: Medical Weed Doesn't Mess with Your Brain Skills, But Hold Up, Let Me School You 'Bout Them Other Dope Substances...Yo, listen up! This article is about that medical marijuana and how it affects our mental cognition. Now, I ain’t no doctor or scientist, but as a seasoned psychonautical explorer who’s dabbled in all sorts of mind-altering experiences, I can tell you that cannabis is one of the mildest mood modifiers out there. It ain’t nothin’ compared to other trippy substances.

Sure, if you take a big dose of some top-shelf stuff, you might find yourself swimming in a swirling headspace. But trust me, that’s nothing compared to the mind-blowing depths you can reach with other herbs and chemicals. Like, have you ever taken a two-hit Hoffman bicycle ride or experienced DMT depersonalization? That stuff will launch you into outer space and blow your mind in ways you can’t even imagine. Good luck trying to solve math problems when you’re floating through hyperspace!

And let’s not even talk about all-night cocaine binges. That stuff will seriously mess with your brain and leave you paranoid and delusional. Cannabis, on the other hand, just gives you a nice body buzz and tunes up your senses. It’s all about laughter, dancing, and connecting with others. It actually enhances communal intuition and camaraderie, unlike other drugs that tear people apart.

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t do our due diligence when it comes to studying the effects of cannabis on our cognition. But let’s keep things in perspective here. Cannabis barely impairs us compared to other drugs. If anything, it helps us come back down to Earth after some wild trips beyond infinity.

So, this Australian study I read about aimed to see how cannabis affects cognitive function in patients who use it for medicinal purposes. They had 40 patients self-administer their prescribed cannabis products and then tested their cognitive abilities using some fancy tests and a mobile app called Druid.

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Now, I actually interviewed the creator of Druid, Dr. Thomas Arkell, a while back. His app measures things like reaction time, balance, attention, and inhibition control to assess psychomotor functioning. It’s a pretty cool way to see how different substances affect our brains.

Anyway, the study found that instead of getting worse over time, the patients actually improved on certain attention and information processing tests. And their scores on Druid didn’t change much either. So even though they were feeling pretty stoned and sedated after using cannabis, it didn’t seem to affect their cognitive abilities.

This is why patients who use cannabis as medicine report improvements in their quality of life. It helps them manage their symptoms without messing with their mental faculties, especially when they work with their doctors to find the right dosage.

And you know why cannabis doesn’t mess with our minds as much as other substances? It’s because it works differently in our brains. It doesn’t numb us or impair our reasoning like alcohol does. We can still think clearly and be in control when we’re high, unlike when we’re drunk.

See, alcohol messes with the critical thinking and control centers in our brains, which is why we’re not supposed to drive or operate machinery when we’re drunk. But cannabis doesn’t do that. It modulates our perception in a more subtle way without directly compromising our reasoning abilities.

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So yeah, cannabis might alter our headspace a bit, but it doesn’t make us stupid like some people might think. In fact, it can actually enhance our cognitive abilities if used responsibly. It’s all about finding that balance and respecting the power of the plant.

And when it comes to using cannabis as medicine, it’s even less likely to impair us. Medical cannabis works by activating our body’s natural regulatory systems and helping us find balance. It’s not about numbing us or overpowering our bodies like alcohol does. It’s about working with our bodies to heal and feel better.

So, let’s not discount the power of this plant just because it makes us feel good. Cannabis is a profound ally in our journey towards wellness. It opens doors of perception and helps us connect with ourselves on a deeper level. That’s something that pharmaceuticals can’t do.

In conclusion, cannabis is a unique substance that can enhance our cognitive abilities when used responsibly. It’s not like other drugs that impair us and mess with our minds. So let’s keep an open mind and continue to explore the potential benefits of this incredible plant.

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