Which states finna legalize weed in 2024, fam?

Which states finna legalize weed in 2024, fam?Yo, what’s up Leafly Nation? It’s your boy Dan here with some dope news about the potential legalization of marijuana in the US. Now, we all know that President Biden ain’t too eager to jump on the federal legalization train, but guess what? We’re still making some major moves, fam.

Since Ohio became the 24th state to legalize adult-use marijuana last November, almost half of all US states have hopped on the green train. And get this, 38 states have legalized medical marijuana! That means more than half of all Americans are living in states where you can puff and pass legally. That’s what I’m talking about!

So let’s keep the momentum going, my dudes and dudettes. In 2024, there are several states that could be getting in on the action. They might be writing bills or sending measures to voters to legalize adult-use or medical marijuana. It’s about to get lit!

Now, let me break it down for you and give you the lowdown on which states we’re keeping our eyes on, what these measures are all about, and where these campaigns currently stand. Sit tight and get ready for some serious knowledge drop.

First up, we got Florida. There’s a legal battle going on over a voter initiative to legalize weed in the Sunshine State. Smart & Safe Florida has raised a whopping $40 million for their campaign to put a measure on the 2024 ballot. And guess where most of that cash is coming from? Truelieve, a major MMJ dispensary franchise. These guys are serious about making it happen.

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Now, the measure itself doesn’t give us too many specifics, but it does allow peeps to possess up to 3 ounces of weed and 5 grams of concentrate. Sounds pretty dope to me! But hold up, opponents are saying it violates some single-subject requirement for initiatives. The state Supreme Court heard arguments on the case back in November, and they gotta give it a thumbs up or down by April 1. So stay tuned, fam!

Oh, and speaking of predictions, y’all gotta check out our article on 30 weed predictions for 2024. It’s gonna blow your mind!

Next up, we got Hawai’i. Now, this state has a governor who’s down with legalization, which is a good start. But lawmakers in the state House recently messed things up by blocking a legalization bill called SB 669. The state Senate had already passed it with almost unanimous support, but you know how politics can be.

But don’t lose hope, my island peeps. Advocates are still holding out for a chance to revive SB 669 in 2024. If it goes through, this bill would let medical dispensaries become rec stores, add a 10% sales tax and a 10% excise tax, and legalize possession of up to an ounce of that good good. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Hawai’i!

Now let’s head over to Idaho. Man, these guys got some seriously strict weed laws. Possession of three ounces or more can land you in some serious trouble. But activists with Kind Idaho are fighting to change that. They got until next April to gather a whopping 63,000 signatures to put a medical marijuana legalization measure on the 2024 ballot.

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If they succeed, Idahoans could be looking at legal possession of four ounces of weed, legal weed gardening, and even a 4% excise tax. That sounds like progress to me!

Alright, fam, let’s talk about Kentucky. This one’s easy. In March, Governor Andy Beshear signed medical marijuana into law. The state will start accepting licenses and setting up the program in 2024, and it’ll officially launch on January 1, 2025. Kentucky, you’re on your way to the green side!

Now, let’s bring it back to Nebraska. These guys have been fighting for medical marijuana for a minute now. Advocates are working hard to put a medical marijuana initiative on the 2024 ballot. They gotta gather 87,000 signatures for two separate measures, one of which adds legal protections for patients and the other requires the state to set up regulations for a medical program.

But let me tell you, they’re up against some seriously anti-weed politicians and a governor who’s stuck in the 17th century. Good luck, Nebraska! We’re rooting for you!

Alright, my peeps, we’re almost there. Just a couple more states to go. Pennsylvania, listen up. You got some seriously pro-legalization peeps in power, but for some reason, y’all just can’t get it together. There’s enough Republicans who won’t budge to get a bill through the state legislature, and the Democrats can’t agree on a single proposal. Come on, Pennsylvania! Let’s break that impasse and join your neighbors in the world of legalized weed.

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Last but not least, we got South Dakota. These guys have been through it all. They voted to legalize adult-use and medical marijuana back in 2020, but their governor managed to overturn the adult-use measure. Then, a separate measure failed at the ballot box in 2022. But guess what? They ain’t giving up!

Two separate groups of activists are gathering signatures to put separate legalization measures on the 2024 ballot. South Dakota, keep fighting the good fight!

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