How to Grow Weed Outside — Da Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

How to Grow Weed Outside — Da Ultimate Beginner’s GuideGrowing weed outdoors be a whole different ball game, ya know what I’m sayin’? Ain’t nothin’ like seein’ them big ol’ cannabis trees and gettin’ them massive harvests, it be a rewardin’ experience fo’ real.

Everythin’ in nature come together to give them cannabis plants everythin’ they need. From the sunlight to the wind, growin’ marijuana outdoors be an excitin’ journey waitin’ fo’ you.

Now, if you ready to learn how to grow weed outdoors, let’s dive into the diverse aspects of outdoor cannabis cultivation. How much it cost to grow weed outdoors be a question on everybodys mind, and the answer always be the same – it depends. The cost can range from $200 to well over $2,000 dependin’ on yo’ needs.

If you grow just one cannabis plant outdoors, hand waterin’, it might cost ’bout $300. But if you got some rich soil or make yo’ own compost, that cost can drop down to ’bout $150.

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For ten cannabis plants outdoors, the cost can be ’bout $3,000. But if you hand water ’em all, the cost might drop down to ’bout $2,000. Overall, the cost depend on the equipment you use.

The yield of growin’ weed outdoors be another important factor. Each strain got its own estimated maximum yield, from 150-grams to over 1,200-grams per plant. The final yield depend on genetics, environmental conditions, and ease of growth.

Feminized strains tend to out-yield autoflowering ones ’cause they grow bigger durin’ the vegetative period. On the other hand, autoflowering strains complete their lifecycle quicker but produce smaller harvests.

In terms of value fo’ money and effort, growin’ yo’ own weed outdoors be definitely liberatin’. The more you grow, the higher the final yield gonna be. So combine that with yo’ investment cost to see if it’s worth it fo’ you.

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When choosin’ strains fo’ outdoor growin’, there a few things to consider like indica, sativa, hybrid, feminized or autoflowering seeds, ease of growth, resistance to pests and diseases, and overall value.

There be some beginner strains that do well outdoors like Chocolope, Super Skunk, and THC Bomb. If you wanna know more ’bout the best outdoor strains, check out our full list.

Equipment needed fo’ outdoor grow include nutrients, containers, watering can, organic preventative spray, seeds, trimming scissors or pruning shears.

Decidin’ whether to use a greenhouse or not be up to you. Marijuana plants can handle outdoor conditions well so don’t stress if a greenhouse ain’t an option fo’ you.

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When plannin’ an outdoor cannabis garden, consider yo local climate, choose the best seeds fo’ yo region, find an ideal spot fo’ yo garden, determine the number of plants you want, decide between ground or containers and get all yo supplies ready.

The growin season fo’ outdoor cannabis be from early May to late October in most places. Each month has its own influence on the plants so pay attention to that as you plan yo garden.

Now let’s talk ’bout how exactly you grow marijuana outdoors. First step be germinatin’ them seeds indoors or after frost outdoors. Transplant ’em when they ready into containers filled with soil or pre-dug plots.

Durin’ the vegetative phase of growth, monitor yo plants closely and make sure they get adequate water and nutrients. You can also train them plants as they grow.

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When them plants start flowerin’, make sure they get what they need fo’ maximum bud production. Keep an eye on ’em daily and support them branches as they get heavy with flowers.

After 6-8 weeks of flowerin’, check them trichomes to see if they ripe fo harvest. Once they ready, cut ’em down and hang ’em up to dry in a cool dark place.

After dryin’, trim ’em buds and cure ’em fo optimal flavor and potency. Once cured, store ’em buds in glass jars or vacuum-sealed bags fo long-term freshness.

Congrats! You done grown yo own weed outdoors! It been a journey from start to finish but it all worth it in the end. Enjoy yo hard work and share with yo buddies who appreciate good bud. Peace out!

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