Review of dat OG Kush: Dope Feminized Seeds wit’ Indica Effects, Dawg

Review of dat OG Kush: Dope Feminized Seeds wit' Euphoric Indica Effects, Dawg

Yo, what’s good? It’s ya boy Dan, and today we’re talking about OG Kush – the hottest strain in the USA right now. If you’re into smoking that good good, then you’ve probably already heard of this strain. It’s got a crazy strong buzz that’ll have you feeling lit in no time. People love it so much that prices for the seeds keep going up, but don’t fret! ILGM seed bank has got your back with some good prices, so you can cop some seeds and start growing your own weed right at home. How dope is that?

This strain has a tangy, spicy flavor that’ll have you craving more. But don’t worry, we’ll get into all the juicy details of the OG Kush strain in this review.

OG Kush is 25% Sativa and 75% Indica, so you get the best of both worlds with this strain. The balance between the physical and mental high is super well-balanced, making it perfect for beginners to try out.

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Now let’s talk about where this strain comes from. There’s not a lot of hard facts on its history, but one thing we can say for sure is that the OG Kush strain came from the Chemdawg strain. Some people believe that it was paired with some ancient native pure cannabis strains, like Old World Paki Kush and Hindu Kush. How interesting is that?

People on the west coast of the USA can’t get enough of this strain – it’s super in demand! ILGM seed bank sells feminized seeds, which are pretty common now. They guarantee that only female plants will grow from them when you sow.

Growing OG Kush is pretty easy if you live in sunny, warm or hot/tropical weather. But if you don’t live in a tropical paradise, it might be a bit of a challenge growing it outdoors since the risk of pests, diseases, and mold is higher. But don’t trip – you can use a cannabis plant protector to prevent those issues. You can get them at the ILGM online store.

If you live in a cold or rainy area, you’re better off growing it indoors where you can control everything like temperature, humidity, and lighting. We recommend copping a marijuana growing kit that comes with everything you need to grow your weed indoors, like a tent and lights.

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If you’re growing OG Kush indoors, then you can expect the plant to flower in just 8-9 weeks with an overall yield of around 17 ounces per square meter. But if you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical and warm climate, then you can get a harvest of up to 16 ounces per plant. The plant will be ready to harvest in October.

This strain is great for medicinal marijuana users too since it has a CBD level of 0.3%. It’s already being used by people suffering from various diseases and ailments. If you have depression or anxiety, this strain will do wonders for you – it’ll give you peace and a positive, clear mind. It also provides long-lasting relief and relaxation while easing pains and headaches. And if you’re having trouble sleeping, then this strain will help relax your body and give you some much-needed rest.

But let’s talk about the fun stuff now – what are the effects of smoking OG Kush? If you love chilling at home watching TV, then this is the perfect strain for that. Smoking it will make you feel super happy and joyous. If you’ve been working hard all day, then this strain is perfect for some well-deserved relaxation and an uplifting euphoric experience. But fair warning to all the beginners out there – this strain packs 19-26% THC, and it can be pretty hard-hitting if you’re not used to smoking weed. So take it easy, fam.

When you smoke this strain, you’ll feel a sudden rush of energetic and cerebral high. But be careful, it’s got couch-locking effects if you take more than an average dose. And if you’re not usually hungry, then you’ll definitely be munching on some snacks after smoking this strain.

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The OG Kush strain has a very earthy and strong smell with sticky and resin-filled buds that smell like lemon with an overall citrus scent. People also say that the whole plant smells like a pine forest, how cool is that? When you smoke it, it tastes like fresh earth mixed with woody and spicy flavors, giving you a unique blend of all these flavors packed in one citrus-like taste.

Overall, OG Kush is a great strain for everyone. It’s easy to grow, great for medicinal marijuana users, and provides some amazing effects when smoked. ILGM seed bank has got some fair prices for the seeds too, so there’s really no reason not to cop them and start growing your own weed today. Stay lit, fam!

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