MITA holding it down in the cannabis game with education & advocacy

MITA holding it down in the cannabis game with education & advocacyYo, peep this – MITA out in Arizona is holding it down in the cannabis game. They ain’t just about that local scene, they’re making moves nationwide with their game-changing model. MITA ain’t playing around, they’re all about educating and advocating to push the cannabis industry forward. Bringing together a squad of industry pros to make big things happen.

Since ’16, MITA been holding it down as a non-profit in Arizona, growing their crew and making real change in the industry. Education, transparency, inclusivity, and fighting for fair regulations are the name of the game for MITA. They lay down the foundation for everything they do.

Like Leafly, MITA ain’t getting their hands dirty with that plant-touching stuff. Nah, they out here sharing knowledge and resources on the ever-evolving cannabis scene with everyone – from media heads to politicians, consumers, and industry pros. With their advocacy, dope podcasts, videos, and monthly events, MITA be the spot for folks and businesses looking to level up in the cannabis game.

If you out here in Arizona, you know about them MITA networking events. They go down every month and attract over a thousand heads ready to make moves in the industry. The energy at these events is hype, with folks from all corners of the game coming together to share ideas and celebrate wins. Events like the annual Charity Golf Tournament are where the real connections get made while soaking up that sun.

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MITA ain’t just about talking the talk – they walk the walk when it comes to education. They dropping video series and podcasts that hit different by bringing real insight straight from folks grinding in the cannabis world. That “Cannamentors” series is where you can hear from a wide range of industry heads on how they made it in the game, overcoming obstacles, and dropping gems for anyone trying to make a name in the industry.

You won’t find another place like MITA where you can soak up so much game on navigating the cannabis biz while feeling inspired by the stories of those who paved their way in this ever-changing space.

MITA ain’t just about talking about social equity – they putting in that work with resources tailored for social equity groups across multiple states. Their “Social Equity Mentorship Modules” and “Social Equity Deep Dive” videos break down state-based social equity programs and give crucial info on how to thrive in this wild industry.

They bringing experts together and creating a more connected community within the cannabis world. MITA keeps that community strong with events like their Virtual Town Hall series where members can share knowledge and tackle challenges together.

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Let’s talk about their award-winning podcast – MITA Unshackled. Launched back in ’22 at ICBC Berlin, this podcast been making waves with interviews from industry leaders breaking down all things cannabis. This ain’t your average pod – it’s packed with info to help folks new to the industry learn the ropes and grow their businesses. In ’23, MITA Unshackled took home the title of “Cannabis Podcast of the Year” at The Emjays – a well-deserved win for a resource that’s changing the game.

Wanna get involved with MITA? Joining up means you joining a community dedicated to building a bright future for the cannabis world. Membership hooks you up with networking opportunities, insider info, training sessions, local connections, and brand recognition. With over 30k pros on their email list and a killer open rate, MITA gets that exposure out there.

Membership levels range from Business Listing (free) all the way up to Industry Leader ($6k yearly) with perks like C-suite intros and speaking opportunities. You know joining up with MITA means you part of something bigger – shaping the cannabis game for a thriving future.

MITA ain’t playing games when it comes to leading the charge in evolving the cannabis industry. They stay true to their roots of education, transparency, inclusivity, and pushing for fair regulations. With their dope initiatives, engaging events & series, and lit podcast – MITA continues to be a force driving progress in the cannabis world.

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Ready to join this crew of changemakers? Hit up the MITA website now and start making those connections!

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