Da Complete Guide to Cannabis Tourism in Portland

Da Complete Guide to Cannabis Tourism in PortlandYo, check it out, Portland, Oregon be known fo’ its bomb scenery an’ reputation as a spot fo’ artists, hippies, an’ ultra-liberal “hipster” types. Da city been holdin’ it down fo’ marijuana fans since Oregon decriminalized possession back in 1973 (da first U.S. state to do so).

Nowadays, recreational weed use be all legal in Portland fo’ any adult age 21 an’ over. But peep dis – you can only smoke or eat edibles up in private spaces like homes. If you get caught puffin’ or snacking up in public, you could be lookin’ at a fine of up to $1000. Plus, any weed you buy up in Oregon gotta be smoked or eaten while you still up in tha state. No takin’ dat ish across state lines, even if it’s legal where you goin’.

And check it, drivin’ or ridin’ a bike under da influence ain’t allowed. But don’t trip, Portland got plenty of taxi services, ride-sharin’, an’ even a light rail system so you can peep all da dope shiznit dis city gots ta offer. Here’s our guide on how ta have a bomb-ass 420 vacation up in Portland!

Gettin’ Started: Da Best Places ta Buy Weed up in Portland

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With how popular recreational weed be up in Oregon, there’s a whole bunch of options when it comes ta buyin’ dat good good up in Portland. Check out our top picks:


Farma be a rad recreational dispensary up in East Portland known fo’ their bomb customer service n’ high-quality cannabis products. Dey carry all da top-shelf local brands n’ keep at least one gram up in stock dat costs $6 or less – but it’s still fire! Dey open 7 days a week so you can slide through whenever.

Electric Lettuce

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Electric Lettuce be a funky dispensary wit locations all around Portland n’ even in neighborin’ cities like Oregon City, Eugene, n’ Hillsboro. Dey got dat colorful design goin’ on outside n’ funky 1960s vibes inside. Whether you like smokin’ or munchin’ on edibles, dey got somethin’ for errybody. Join dey rewards program fo’ some xtra discounts on future purchases.

Cannabis Delivery Service

If you ain’t feelin’ like hittin’ up da dispensary yo’self, no worries – weed delivery be legal n’ available up in Portland!

Kush Cart

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Kush Cart deliverz a wide selection of cannabis products right ta yo crib – from flower n’ edibles ta accessories n’ more. Dey offer same-day delivery within 1-3 hours or you can pre-order if you wanna plan ahead. Just have yo ID n’ payment ready when yo delivery arrives.

420-Friendly Places ta Stay up in Portland

Once you got yo hands on some dank weed, kick back at one of Portland’s weed-friendly hotels n’ enjoy da vibe. Whether you like chillin wit new stoner homies or prefer privacy up in a fancy hotel room, Portland gotchu covered.

Delta-9 House

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Delta-9 House be a cozy spot down in southeast Portland where smokin weed be not just allowed, but encouraged! Stay close ta recreational shops, restaurants, an’ public transit fo’ all yo needs.


Jupiter’s two East Portland boutique hotels offer comfort and style fo’ all dem cannabis enthusiasts out there. Enjoy local art, good eats, n’ live music right nearby.

Adventures n’ Activities

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There’s plenty of shiznit ta do up in Portland while blazed outta yo mind. Check dis list fo’ some ideas:

Cannabis Tours

High 5 Tours offer smokin’ tours where you can visit dispensaries, breweries, food carts, an’ more. Or take a trip ta see Oregon’s natural beauty on they Multnomah Falls Adventure.

The Potlandia Experience

Hop on da Potlandia Experience bus fo’ a rock-and-roll themed tour of all da dopest spots up in Portland. Check out microbreweries, food carts, dispensaries, landmarks, an’ more.

Cannabis Lounges

NW Cannabis Club offers a chill spot where you can socialize, play games, or just unwind wit other cannabis lovers. Flight Lounge be another cozy spot where you can relax wit sum snacks n’ enjoy yo high.

Mo’ Fun fo’ Stoners up in Portland

From blacklight mini-golf ta street art tours, there’s plenty of unique activities fo’ a blazed afternoon:

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

Explore real dinosaur fossils an’ catch planetarium shows at OMSI. They also host events like OMSI After Dark where adults can take over da museum.

Glowing Greens Blacklight Miniature Golf

Play through an indoor pirate cove mini-golf course wit glow-in-da-dark effects at Glowing Greens fo’ sum playful competition.

CBD-Infused Massage

Treat yo self wit a CBD-infused massage at Blue Marigold Massage & Wellness up in St. John’s neighborhood fo’ sum ultimate relaxation.

Portland’s da perfect spot fo’ a cannabis vacation wit its beautiful scenery n’ laid-back vibes. If we missed any dope activities or spots, hit us up! We wanna hear bout yo favorite shiznit ta do on a stoned-out trip ta Portland!

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