New Study Says Weed Be Poppin’ Off in Europe!

New Study Says Weed Be Poppin' Off in Europe!

Yo, peeps! Listen up! I got some straight-up dope info for y’all. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) just dropped a fresh report called “Cannabis—the current situation in Europe (European Drug Report 2023),” and it’s saying that cannabis is like, by far the most lit illegal drug in Europe. No cap.

According to this report, about 8% of European adults (that’s like, 22.6 million people aged 15 to 64) blazed up some ganja in the past year. And check this, an estimated 1.3% of adults (that’s about 3.7 million people) are what you would call “daily” or “almost daily” smokers. These are some serious stoners, my dudes.

But here’s the thing, with all this love for the Mary Jane, there are bound to be some problems. The report says that there’s a need to understand better the issues that cannabis users face and what kind of help is available for them. It’s like, we gotta take care of our fellow smokers, you know?

Now let’s talk about how people are consuming their greens. In a survey called the 2021 European Web Survey on Drugs, 95% of participants who used cannabis in the past year said they smoked “resin,” whatever that is. Then you got 25% who were eating edibles, and 17% who preferred extracts. That’s some gourmet stuff right there.

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And get this, fam. In the European Union (EU), they tested the resin and found that it had an average THC content of 20%. That’s some strong stuff right there. On the other hand, the flower was tested at only 9.5% THC. Still good, but not as potent.

Now, let’s talk about those who are struggling with their cannabis use. The EMCDDA says that in 2021, a whopping 97,000 people entered drug treatment programs because of their weed habits. And get this, peeps, 55,000 of them were entering treatment for the first time. That’s a lot of folks who need some help.

And you won’t believe this, but the number of cannabis seizures in 2021 reached its highest point in more than 10 years. Spain was the front runner, with 66% of all cannabis seizures happening there. Those Spanish police be busy, yo!

In total, the EU seized over 202,000 cannabis resin products in 2021. That’s like, 816 tonnes or almost 2 million pounds! And they also nabbed 256 tonnes of cannabis flower. That’s a lot of herb, my dudes.

But here’s what’s really tripping me out. The report says that there’s all kinds of new cannabis products popping up in Europe. Not just the high-potency extracts and edibles, but also stuff with low levels of THC and other stuff from the cannabis plant like CBD. It’s a whole new game out here, my friends.

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Oh, and there’s this new synthetic cannabinoid called hexahydrocannabinol that’s been hitting the streets in some EU countries. People gotta be careful with that stuff, it’s not the same as that good ol’ Mary Jane.

Now let’s talk about some countries that are trying to keep it real and legalize cannabis to fight that black market. Malta was the first EU country to do it back in December 2021. They got their rules straight—they let residents carry up to seven grams of weed in public (or up to 50 grams at home) and grow up to four plants at home.

Germany is also getting in on the action with their new draft for cannabis legalization. If it passes, residents 18 and older can buy up to 25 grams a day (or 50 grams a month). But if you’re 18-21, you’re limited to just 30 grams a month. Still, it’s better than nothing, right?

Other countries like Luxembourg, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands are also working on their own versions of cannabis legalization. It’s like a domino effect, my dudes.

And shoutout to Switzerland for doing some dope research on cannabis. They got these pilot programs going on in certain parts of the country to study the health and social effects of regulated cannabis at local pharmacies. It’s not full-on legalization, but it’s a step in the right direction, you feel me?

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So there you have it, my friends. Cannabis is taking over Europe, one puff at a time. Stay lit and stay safe out there! This your boy, Dan, signing off. Peace!

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