Let 12-O Smoke That Loud! – Possible Bill Would Let Police Get Lit Without Consequences Around Weed

Let 12-O Smoke That Loud! - Possible Bill Would Let Police Get Lit Without Consequences Around WeedYo, peep this – should cops be allowed to smoke weed? Some folks hatin’ on the idea, but I’m out here thinkin’ it could make the world a better place. Love ’em or hate ’em, cops got a stressful gig. They deal with all kinds of dangerous situations, see some messed up stuff, and gotta handle some real hostile people. No wonder many of ’em suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

On top of that, the general public ain’t vibin’ with the police these days. Incidents of police brutality and abuse of power got folks losin’ trust in law enforcement. But not all cops are bad, ya feel me? The rep’s just been tarnished. This negative vibe only adds to the stress and pressures they already dealin’ with.

But that ain’t mean cops should miss out on smokin’ that good herb. In fact, givin’ cops access to marijuana could help ’em connect better with the community they out here sworn to protect and serve. By joinin’ in on a little smoke sesh like millions of law-abidin’ citizens do, a bond could be formed between cops and the people.

Instead of bein’ seen as some disconnected authority figure, a cop puffin’ on a J during their off-time makes ’em more relatable. It humanizes them. If done right, cannabis use among law enforcement could actually improve police-community relations and their mental well-being.

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But hold up, there’s this new bill in Cali tryna take things back to square one. SB 1264 wanna ban certain public workers, includin’ cops, from smokin’ weed legally outside of work hours. This move would be a major step back and a real bad idea with some serious negative consequences.

The bill was supposed to be a minor fix to protect workers from discrimination over legal marijuana use but then it did a 180 and started takin’ away those protections from various workers, including law enforcement peeps.
It’s like they tryna take away somethin’ that was just put in place earlier this year to make sure employers can’t discriminate against folks for their off-duty weed use.

If this bill passes, it gonna strip away those protections for a bunch of law enforcement workers across Cali. From police officers to animal control workers to coroners, they all could face discrimination and job consequences for puffin’ on that good-good in their own time.

This whole double standard with alcohol and weed is wild. Alcohol is way more dangerous and harmful than cannabis by pretty much every measure. But officers can drink like fishes outside work hours and it’s all good? Yet if they smoke some ganja responsibly, they could get fired? Nah man, that’s hypocritical as hell.

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We need to treat everyone the same when it comes to personal choices like this. Cannabis is just a plant that brings joy and peace into people’s lives. For cops who face intense stress daily, not lettin’ them have a little break from that stress with weed is straight-up discrimination.

So let’s keep it real and push for equality for all, regardless of their job or status as civilians. The same freedoms and rights should apply across the board.
It’s time to change the game and let cops catch a break with some herb after work hours. Let’s keep pushin’ for progress in this country. Peace out!

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