Why Some People Don’t Get Lit the First Time They Smoke Weed

Why Some People Don't Get Lit the First Time They Smoke WeedYo, peep this – more and more people out here trying to get that Mary Jane fix. Canada already got that green light and over half the US population out here living that recreational weed life. The social stigma around it is fading fast too, with like 85% of the population thinking it should be legal in some way or another. It’s a whole vibe out here, but some peeps still wondering why they ain’t getting high the first time they blaze up.

So check it, even though we know that tolerance to marijuana builds up over time, there’s still a bunch of newbies out there who don’t feel a darn thing the first few times they puff. Experts got different theories on why this happens.

One theory goes like this – in order to really feel that weed vibe, you gotta learn how to do it right. You gotta get that exposure to the green stuff until your body figures out what’s supposed to go down. They call it a “sensitization period,” where the THC in the weed needs to link up with the cannabinoids in your system a few times before you start feeling that high. It might take a couple sessions before you’re actually soaring instead of just thinking you should be.

Smoking might also be a factor. If you’re not inhaling right, you might just be keeping that smoke in your mouth instead of letting the THC make its way into your bloodstream. It’s all about that proper technique, fam.

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There ain’t no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how weed affects us, but remember – it’s always tough doing something for the first time, whether that’s sparking up or getting inked. Your expectations, the crew you’re rolling with, and your own biology all play a part in how your first few sessions go down. So just chill, stay open-minded, and be patient with yourself.

When you’re stepping into that Mary Jane world for the first time, take it easy and kick it with peeps you trust. Turn that phone on silent so you can really vibe out without extra stress. And once you start, give yourself a minute (like 15-30 minutes for smoking/vape or 45 minutes for edibles) to check in with how you’re feeling. You wanna get high, but not too high, ya feel?

It’s all about that slow burn and finding your groove with Mary Jane. So relax, enjoy the ride, and let that green goodness take you to new heights. Peace out, my dudes.

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