Attitude Seeds Review 2024 – Da Good & Da Bad

Attitude Seeds Review 2024 - Da Good & Da BadYo, check it, Attitude Seed Bank been holdin’ it down in the cannabis game fo’ many years now. Dey done built up a solid reputation fo’ themselves where customers know they gettin’ quality products, exactly what dey ordered, and dey seeds gonna be shipped safe and secure. Anotha dope ting ’bout Attitude Seed Bank is dey ship worldwide and accept multiple currencies, so anybody can experience dat top-notch customer care.

Now, let’s talk ’bout better alternatives right quick. You got Seedsman Seeds, a trusted online retailer dat be shipping discreetly worldwide and acceptin’ Bitcoin and credit cards. Then you got ILGM Seed Bank, a reputable brand dat ships discreetly in the USA and also accept Bitcoin and credit cards.

When you check out Attitude Seed Bank website, it might come off a lil’ jarring and outdated at first glance. Da homepage be poppin’ with bright colors, loud text, and hella pictures. But once you get past dat initial shock, da rest of da website is actually chill and easy to use. You can search fo’ seeds by breeder or brand, by type, or even by Cannabis Cup results. Dey also got a FAQ page to answer yo’ questions, a contact form to hit ’em up directly, and a dope blog.

Now let’s chop it up ’bout promotions and loyalty programs. Attitude Seed Bank always runnin’ sales and offers on their promotions tab. Right now, dey got 35 offers on dat page so you know you gon’ find a good deal. One example of a promo dey runnin’ is “Buy any pack of Fastbuds seeds and get 2 free feminized Gorilla Zkittlz Autoflower seeds free.” Dey don’t have a loyalty program but you can save money by checkin’ out their Sale page fo’ discounted seeds.

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Da blog on Attitude Seed Bank website be droppin’ knowledge ’bout cannabis news, strains, and promotions. It’s been pretty active lately but could use some more consistent posts ova time. It’s mad useful fo’ growers lookin’ to stay informed ’bout new releases from their favorite seed banks.

Attitude Seed Bank got ova 2,000 strains available fo’ sale in their online shop. If you can’t find somethin’ you like outta all dem strains, somethin’ ain’t right wit you! Dey offer autoflower seeds, feminized seeds, and regular seeds of well-known and underrated strains.

You can also cop seeds in bulk from Attitude Seed Bank. Just click da ‘Bulk’ tab in da header and peep the ongoing bulk deals. Dey even say if you don’t find what you lookin’ for, hit up customer service and dey try to hook you up wit a bulk offer fo’ yo’ desired strain.

Attitude Seed Bank got connections with ova 100 of da most recognizable breeders in da world so you know you gettin’ top-quality seeds. You can shop by brand on their site and notice if da breeder runnin’ a sale or not.

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In terms of quality, Attitude Seed Bank maintain a high standard but remember it depends on da individual strain and yo’ tastes. Dey don’t breed their own strains but deliver seeds in da original breeder’s packaging so you know what you gettin’. Always a possibility of a bad batch but customer service will step in to fix any issues.

Overall, Attitude Seed Bank got a legit online reputation in da cultivation community. Happy customers know they gettin’ quality seeds delivered on time while any issues are rare but quickly addressed by customer service.

Paying fo’ yo’ order at Attitude Seedbank is easy with multiple payment options like money order, cash, credit/debit card, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Shipping methods at Attitude are straightforward with tracking numbers included in all orders. UK shipments take 1-4 business days while international orders take 7-15 business days to arrive. Stealth shipping is also available to any country worldwide with basic or extra-discreet options.

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In conclusion, Attitude Seed Bank is a solid choice fo’ buyin’ seeds online with their worldwide stealth shipping and top-notch customer service. Dey could spruce up their website design but overall it’s a great place to cop some quality seeds.

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