Got Smokin’ with Snoop on the Bucket List? – Ed Sheeran Got Lit with Snoop and Couldn’t Even See Straight

Got Smokin’ with Snoop on the Bucket List? – Ed Sheeran Got Lit with Snoop and Couldn’t Even See Straight

Yo, what’s up fam? It’s your boy Dan here, droppin’ some dope news about Ed Sheeran and his lit smoke sesh with the OG himself, Snoop Dogg. So, on this episode of Conan O’Brien’s podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” Ed Sheeran spilled the tea about gettin’ hella high with Snoop backstage after a concert in Australia. And let me tell you, it was one hell of an experience.

Now, picture this: Ed Sheeran, Snoop Dogg, and even Russell Crowe chillin’ in the dressing room after Snoop’s show in Melbourne. Snoop decides to bless Ed and Russell with golden Death Row Records chains to show some love. You know, Snoop always reppin’ himself and givin’ thanks to no one else but him. And damn, this moment was pure fire! The whole room was smokin’ up, creating that relaxed vibe we all crave.

Of course, this lit encounter was instantly shared on Instagram for all the fans out there. Snoop posted a pic of himself rockin’ Ed’s chain and captioned it “Amazing. Mr. Ed.” Shoutout to Snoop for keepin’ it real and showin’ love to his boys.

But here’s the juicy part, my homies. Ed Sheeran was smokin’ up with Snoop while his wife and mother-in-law were right there in the room. Talk about takin’ risks! But hey, when opportunity knocks to check off a bucket list item like smokin’ weed with Snoop Dogg, you just can’t say no. Ed spilled the beans on Conan’s show, confessing that his tight friendship with Russell Crowe led him to this epic smoke sesh.

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Now, we all know that if you haven’t smoked in a minute, you’re gonna get blasted. And Ed, bein’ the honest dude he is, admitted that he ain’t a regular smoker. So when Snoop passed him the blunt, Ed was like, “Why not? Let’s do this!” And boy, did he go all in. He kept puffin’ and passin’, not realizin’ how high he was gettin’. At one point, he looked at Snoop and was like, “Damn, I can’t see straight!” You can’t help but laugh at that, right?

But let’s not forget who we’re talkin’ about here. Snoop Dogg is a legend when it comes to smokin’ up. He’s been open about his love for marijuana for years. In fact, he once tweeted that he smokes 81 blunts a day! And in a recent Aussie podcast, he mentioned smokin’ between 75 to 150 blunts daily. Damn, that’s some serious commitment to the green.

And guess what? Snoop ain’t just smokin’ up, he’s also makin’ moves in the cannabis industry. He announced that Death Row Records is venturin’ into the weed game with Death Row Cannabis. It’s no surprise that this brand gained popularity among High Times readers. They got the renowned AK as their curator, hand-pickin’ strains like RS11, Studio 54, and Shirazi from DEO Farms. I gotta say, they got some dank options goin’ on.

Now, let’s get back to Conan O’Brien. This dude knows how to entertain and keep it real with his guests. He started his podcast because he wanted to break free from those FCC restrictions. And let’s be honest, after all those years of interviews on late-night TV, Conan realized he didn’t have any real friendships with his celebrity guests. So he launched the podcast to change that game.

It’s no surprise that Conan and Snoop have had some epic interviews together. So when Ed Sheeran and Snoop crossed paths, it was bound to be a lit encounter. It just goes to show how cannabis can bring people together, even celebs. It creates those unforgettable moments and stories that we can all vibe with.

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So there you have it, fam. Ed Sheeran smokin’ up with Snoop Dogg is the stuff of legends. It’s a reminder that even in the world of fame and fortune, cannabis can create real connections and unforgettable memories. Keep blazin’ it up, my friends!

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