Gettin’ Freaked Out: When Smokin’ Ain’t Calmin’ Yo Nerves

Gettin' Freaked Out: When Smokin' Ain't Calmin' Yo Nerves

Yo name be Dan. Lemme tell ya bout how weed can cause panic attacks. Some folks be feelin’ relaxed and euphoric when they smoke, while others ain’t so lucky. They get panic attacks, which ain’t no fun. Check out what we know so far bout weed panic attacks and some tips on how to deal wit ’em.

So, can weed cause panic attacks?

According to research, the answer be yes. Weed contains chemicals called cannabinoids that mess wit how our brains process hormones like dopamine and norepinephrine. Usually, these chemicals help us feel less stressed and anxious, but sometimes they mess wit the parts of our brain that control the sympathetic nervous system. This can make our hearts race and give us shortness of breath, making our brain think we’re anxious when we’re not. If our “fight-or-flight” response kicks in, it can lead to a panic attack.

What causes weed panic attacks?

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Folks who already prone to anxiety or panic attacks may be more likely to experience them when they smoke weed. It’s weird, but a lotta people with anxiety disorders use weed to “self-medicate” their symptoms. A survey found that almost 17% of California medical marijuana users used it specifically to relieve panic attacks. A few environmental factors can make it worse:

Being in a negative headspace.

Smoking in an unfamiliar place or around strangers.

Taking too much THC.

Newbie smokers.

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Combining weed with alcohol or other drugs.

Worrying about getting caught or smoking where it’s illegal.

Which cannabinoids cause the panic attack?

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main culprit in causing panic attacks. THC is what makes us feel high when we smoke weed. High-THC strains of marijuana carry a higher risk of causing panic attacks. Edible cannabis is more likely than smoked cannabis to trigger these reactions. When we eat THC, our liver breaks it down into another psychoactive substance called 11-hydroxy-THC that enters the bloodstream at high levels. Edible cannabis stays in our system longer, making it harder to come down from a panic attack caused by THC.

CBD (cannabidiol) is another cannabinoid that can counteract the effects of THC. We can reduce the risk of a panic attack by taking extra CBD oil before smoking weed or by choosing high-CBD strains. Hemp-based CBD oil doesn’t have any THC and could be a good alternative for folks who don’t wanna get high.

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What are the symptoms of a weed panic attack?

People have different symptoms during a panic attack, but here are some common ones:

Breathing trouble.

Chest pain.

Racing heart.



Dizziness or faintness.


Numbness in limbs or face.

Physical weakness.

Feeling off-balance or stuck in place.

Intense anxiety, fear, paranoia, dread or terror.

Feeling like you’re dying or losing your sanity.

Stomach pain, vomiting or diarrhea could develop as secondary symptoms due to anxiety and fear.

How does it feel to have a marijuana panic attack?

Different people describe it differently, but y’all might feel social anxiety more intensely than usual. You might worry if your friends or pets secretly hate you or stress about what folks in the room think bout you being unable to handle your weed. You could also feel like law enforcement officers or other authority figures will find out that you’re high even if you’re alone at home.

It’s common to wonder if your weed has been laced with poison or if you’ve overdosed on it. You might think that the physical symptoms of the panic attack mean you’re dangerously ill. Anything can feel overwhelming at this point – noise, lights, temperature, people around you – making it hard to move from one place to another.

How do you prevent a marijuana panic attack?

The only way to avoid a panic attack is to abstain from all THC-containing products (including cannabis-derived CBD). Here are some tips if y’all still wanna smoke:

Stay hydrated and eat properly as your body processes cannabis better when healthy.

Make sure you feel comfortable with your environment and folks around you; avoid new places or people who make y’all anxious.

Be aware of your current headspace; don’t smoke if feeling low or anxious.

Plan ahead; identify a spot where you can chill if needed and have comforting music or TV ready for distraction

Use the buddy system; have someone around who you trust and who can calm y’all down during an attack.

Take some extra CBD oil before smoking.

How do you reduce the effects of a marijuana panic attack?

If y’all find yourself having an attack while smoking weed, don’t worry – it won’t kill y’all and will go away eventually. Here are some tips to help manage it:

Drink something sugary if feeling woozy; nibbling on carbs can help too.

Change your environment; go outside, sit in your car or find somewhere quiet away from folks who make you uneasy.

Ask for help from a trusted friend; they can grab y’all a drink/snack or walk outside with y’all for fresh air & distraction

Ground yourself with deep breathing exercises and focus your attention on something outside yourself like touching a soft blanket

Distract yourself with music/TV once you start feeling better

Ignore Xanax or other anxiety drugs as CBD blocks enzymes that break them down; this leads to more drug building up in your system.

In conclusion,

It’s sad that folks who would benefit most from smoking weed can end up having cannabis-induced panic attacks instead. While research on this topic remains limited, being informed on what causes these attacks and how to manage them is important for folks who still wanna smoke up. By staying hydrated and healthy, identifying triggers & proper environments while smoking weed, and knowing what steps to take during an attack can make all the difference between chilling out and freaking out when smoking

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