Yo, Is Public Speaking Mad Sketch? Check These Five Dank Weed Strains to Conquer Your Nerves

Yo, Is Public Speaking Mad Sketch? Check These Five Dank Weed Strains to Conquer Your Nerves

Yo, what’s good fam? My name’s Dan and today we’re talking about glossophobia, aka fear of public speaking. This sh*t is no joke and affects about 7% of people in the US. That’s 27 million people, my dudes! And listen up, just because you don’t like public speaking doesn’t mean you have glossophobia.

So, what causes this fear? Like many phobias, it usually starts in childhood when you let your older sibling make all the decisions and do all the talking for you. But if you don’t learn to take control of that sh*t, it’s only gonna get worse. And let me tell you, this fear can seriously mess with your success in life, whether it’s giving a presentation at work or speaking up in a group discussion.

Now, there are a ton of therapies out there to help with public speaking anxiety, but let’s talk about something a little more fun – marijuana! Recent research shows that certain strains can help boost your confidence and overcome this fear. So let’s check out the top five strains to get your public speaking game on point.

First up we’ve got Harle-Tsu, the euphoric strain. This bud is one of the best stress-busters out there with a CBD:THC ratio of over 20:1 so you won’t get high af. That 22% CBD rate makes it perfect for medicinal purposes too, especially for those dealing with chronic pain. But here’s the real kicker – it’ll give you a euphoric head high followed by relaxation without knocking you out. Plus, it’ll keep you focused and motivated.

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Up next is Haoma, the slightly psychoactive strain. This one is 70% indica dominant and has a 6:6 ratio of THC to CBD. Now listen up, if you’re new to this sh*t, be careful because too much could cause mildly psychoactive effects. But if you can handle it, Haoma will give you an uplifting and relaxing cerebral high that clears your mind of worries and enables you to think clearly. Plus, it’ll soon have you feeling a full-body release that offers a sense of lethargy and pain relief.

Now we’ve got Cannatonic, the legendary CBD medical cannabis strain. It’s a hybrid strain with 6% THC and up to 12% CBD. This one is sought after for its high rate of cannabidiol which helps reduce the psychoactive effects. You’ll love the strong pine aroma and the feeling of calm and tranquility that comes with it.

Next we’ve got CBD Kush, the strain that soothes feelings of anxiety head-on. It’s balanced 50/50 hybrid and has about 15% CBD and 6-9% THC. You’ll love the sweet fruit aroma and taste that comes with this bud, and it’ll give you a sense of relaxation that builds over time. It might make you feel slightly sedated, but the cerebral high is super mild so you’ll still be able to function.

Last but not least, we’ve got Sour Tsunami, the medical marvel strain. This hybrid was specifically bred for its high CBD content at 11% but has a high THC content at 10%. It’s only legal in select states, but if you can get your hands on it, you won’t be disappointed. It’ll give you energy, confidence, and make you feel relaxed and ready for anything. Plus, it won’t cloud your mind so you’ll stay clear-headed and focused.

So there you have it folks, the top five strains of marijuana to help combat your fear of public speaking. Beta-blockers might be common for treating anxiety disorders but they don’t do sh*t for your mental state. Marijuana, on the other hand, can help you feel calm and relaxed while keeping you focused and motivated. So next time you have to give a presentation, don’t be afraid to toke up a little bit and let that fear go!

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