Choco, Lav, or Cinna-Flavored Mary Jane? – What’s the Deal with Flavored Herb and Is It Gonna Blow Up?

Choco, Lav, or Cinna-Flavored Mary Jane? – What’s the Deal with Flavored Herb and Is It Gonna Blow Up?

Yo, listen up! If you wanna take your smoking game to the next level and add some extra flavor to your cannabis, I got you covered. Forget about buying pre-flavored weed that barely has any taste. The real deal is infusing your own cannabis with flavor. Trust me, it’s gonna blow your mind.

Now, I’m about to drop some knowledge on how to infuse flavor into your marijuana before, during, and after the harvest process. This guide is gonna help you achieve the most exquisite flavors from your bud. So, grab a seat and get ready to elevate your smoking experience.

Let’s start with infusing flavor into your weed before harvest time. First things first, about four days before you plan to harvest, stop watering your plants. You don’t want them to wither away completely, just let them dry out a bit. Keep in mind not to go beyond four days without water, ’cause you don’t want your precious plants to die on you.

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On harvest day, mix 15 milliliters of food-grade extracts or essential oils with 20 liters of water. Slowly water your plants with this mixture and let them soak it up for three to four hours. The longer they soak, the stronger the flavor will be. After that, it’s time to harvest your weed and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

But hold up! We’re not done yet. The drying process is crucial after harvest. Since you watered your plants before harvesting, there might be more moisture than usual in the buds. To avoid mold development and ruining all your hard work, make sure each bud dries separately and gets enough airflow. Don’t rush this step, take your time to ensure your weed dries properly.

Now let’s talk about infusing flavor into your cannabis during the harvest process. This method is a bit different but equally effective. Mix 15 milliliters of food-grade extracts or essential oils with 20 liters of water. Cut your branches and submerge them in the flavored water for a week. The leaves on the branches will act as conduits, carrying the flavor up to the buds. Once the week is up, remove the branches and dry each bud individually. Again, make sure they get enough airflow during the drying process.

You might notice that your buds are a bit more moist than usual after using this flavoring method. No need to panic, it’s normal. Just be extra careful during the drying process to avoid any moisture retention. You don’t want your weed to lose its flavor or quality.

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Now, let’s move on to infusing flavor into your cannabis after harvest or post-harvest. Even if you’ve already completed the harvesting, drying, and jarring process, you can still add some flavor to your weed. One way to do this is by placing your cannabis flowers in a jar and adding a cotton ball soaked with food-grade extract or essential oil to the lid. Remember not to let the oil directly touch your weed, ’cause that ain’t gonna end well.

Another option is to introduce dried elements like flower petals, apple or citrus peels, or herbs into your jar with the weed. This method is great ’cause it adds flavor without introducing excess moisture to your marijuana. You can even put your spices in a tea bag and separate them from your weed for a controlled and flavorful experience.

Now, before you go crazy infusing all kinds of flavors into your weed, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1. Differential Absorption: Different strains absorb flavors at different rates, so experiment with individual plants before flavoring your entire batch.

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2. Source of Extracts: Get food-grade extracts from your local grocery store. Make sure they’re safe for consumption.

3. Caution with Essential Oils: Some essential oils can be toxic or contain harmful ingredients. Be careful and check the ingredients before using them.

4. Avoid High Sugar Content: Stay away from flavorings with high sugar content. You don’t wanna ruin the taste by burning sugar.

5. Secure Jar Lid: If you’re flavoring your weed post-harvest, make sure the jar lid is tightly sealed to prevent air from getting in.

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6. Monitor Humidity: Keep an eye on the humidity inside the jar to avoid mold growth.

7. Thorough Drying: Dry your cannabis flowers properly before jarring them. This step is crucial for maintaining quality.

8. Expect Enhanced Taste: Flavoring is meant to enhance the taste, not mask it completely. You’ll still taste the weed, but with an added kick.

Remember, these tips are essential if you wanna achieve the best flavor from your cannabis. Don’t skip any steps and take good care of your plants throughout the process. Now go out there and become a flavor-infusing master. Enjoy!

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