Is Medical Mary Jane Done in Tennessee? – Don’t Trip, We Can Bring It Back But It Ain’t Gonna Be Easy

Is Medical Mary Jane Done in Tennessee? - Don't Trip, We Can Bring It Back But It Ain't gonna Be Easy

Yo, what’s up, it’s your boy Dan, and let me tell you, the conversation about legalizing medical cannabis in Tennessee is still going strong. Senator Kerry Roberts, a Republican from Springfield, is all about it. He used to be against the herb and thought it was only for recreational use, but now he sees that there are real medicinal benefits to it. People are using it to treat their chronic pain and finding relief. It’s time for Tennessee to get with the program, legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis already.

But, unfortunately, the latest attempt to pass the bill failed to gain enough votes during a Senate committee hearing. Roberts was the only Republican to endorse the proposal, and he was joined by Democratic lawmakers London Lamar and Sara Kyle and Republican Janice Bowling from Tullahoma. But it wasn’t enough to get it passed this time around because of opposition from other Republicans, including John Lundberg, Todd Gardenhire, Dawn White, John Stevens, Paul Rose, and Brent Taylor.

Roberts thinks the main reason for their reluctance is because marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government, which means it’s considered to have “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” But if the federal government revises its policies and changes its stance on marijuana, then you might see more people supporting medical cannabis legalization.

Roberts does acknowledge that there is a potential for abuse with medical cannabis legalization. Some people might use it for recreational purposes instead of medical reasons. But he’s still supportive of the measure and thinks veterans can benefit greatly from medical cannabis. He encourages veterans and anyone with chronic pain not to give up hope in changing Tennessee’s laws regarding medical cannabis.

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Roberts also emphasizes the importance of building personal connections with legislators and sharing personal experiences related to medical cannabis use. He thinks it’s important to put a face to this issue and make it personal so that legislators can better understand its impact. Roberts is committed to continuing his support for the Tennessee Medical Cannabis Act in the future.

The issue of medical cannabis legalization in Tennessee is complex and controversial. But advocates for medical cannabis aren’t giving up hope. Bowling plans to bring the Tennessee Medical Cannabis Act back up next year, and people need to continue sharing their personal experiences and stories with their legislators.

So if you’re in Tennessee and hoping for a change in the state’s laws regarding medical cannabis, don’t give up. Keep fighting, keep coming back, and keep sharing your story. Let your legislators know what you’re going through to find relief from your pain. With ongoing efforts and advocacy, maybe Tennessee will eventually join the growing number of states that have legalized medical cannabis for those in need.

Stay lit, y’all.

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