Cannabis Flavors to Get Your Fitness Game Strong & Bounce Back

Cannabis Flavors to Get Your Fitness Game Strong & Bounce Back

Yo, what’s good guys? It’s your boy Dan, here to tell you all about how cannabis can help you get your workout on. Back in the day, smoking weed was a hush-hush activity. But now, with millions of people embracing it, it’s time to break down those stereotypes and show that Mary Jane can help you fuel your aerobic workout.

For too long, people have been saying that weed is for lazy people. But research shows that the cannabinoids in weed can actually help you get moving! There’s also this myth out there that sativa strains give you energy while indicas make you sleepy. While there is some truth to the correlation between the two, it’s actually down to the specific compounds in each strain, not just whether it’s an indica or sativa.

So let me show you some evidence that cannabis can help you get your workout on. According to a study by Le Strat and Le Foll, people who use cannabis at least three times a week have a lower rate of obesity than those who don’t use it. And a more recent study by YorkWilliams et al. found that 80% of respondents used pot before or after exercising, and 70% of them said it made working out more enjoyable.

One reason for this is the chemical interactions involved. You know how runners talk about getting “runner’s high?” Well, that euphoric feeling comes from the release of endorphins. But there’s evidence to suggest that exercise also stimulates our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is why using cannabis before a workout can help you push through tough sessions.

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Now, I want to break down which strains are great for working out and which ones are better for post-workout recovery.

First up, we’ve got Harlequin. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a high combination of both THC and CBD and is great for running. It’ll make you feel weightless without overwhelming you with an intense high.

Next is Pineapple Express. This strain has a reputation thanks to the movie but it really is one of the best strains for hiking or any other long-distance workout. It offers a mellow high that will transform even the dullest workout into an enjoyable one.

Finally, we have Durban Poison. This purely South African sativa provides a strong cerebral high that can be invigorating and inspiring during high-intensity aerobic workouts.

Now, let’s talk about some strains for post-workout recovery. Please note that this is mainly based on user anecdotes so take it with a grain of salt. First up is White Rhino. This indica-leaning strain has minimal CBD but packs a powerfully relaxing high, which makes it a popular choice for medical cannabis users.

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Next is Girl Scout Cookies, which is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid with a THC content that can reach 28%. It hits hard but allows your body to relax in a state of bliss after working out.

Finally, we have Strawberry Kush, which is a fruity strain that helps you feel sedated and calm after an intense workout.

Remember guys, everyone reacts differently to cannabis so start small and see how it impacts you before incorporating it into your workout routine. And never try using weed during an actual training session!

So there you have it folks! Cannabis can actually help you get your workout on and feel more relaxed afterward. Let us know in the comments which strains work best for you!

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