10 Sh*t You Don’t Wanna Do When You High AF

10 Sh*t You Don't Wanna Do When You High AF

Yo, what’s up guys? It’s your boy Dan, here to drop some knowledge on what not to do when you’re lit. We all know that smoking some good herb can lead to some amazing experiences, like watching a funny movie or just chilling in nature. But there are some things you should avoid like the plague when you’re baked out of your mind. Check out this list to make sure you don’t end up in any undesirable situations.

1. Going to the Grocery Store

So, you’re hella hungry and you just smoked a fatty. You go to the fridge and realize that there’s no food left! What do you do? Listen up, fam, going to the grocery store while high is not a good idea. Trust me, you’ll get lost in there like it’s a damn maze. Plus, the security guard might start following you because you’re looking sketchy AF with your hoodie on and red eyes. Save yourself the trouble and stock up on snacks beforehand.

2. Responding to Work Emails

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Listen, I know we all love getting high and chilling out, but don’t even think about responding to work emails while baked. You might end up writing some nonsensical story about squirrels instead of getting your work done. And we all know that typos are all too common when we’re under the influence of marijuana. You don’t want to be the talk of the office because of a hilarious typo, do you?

3. One-on-One Appointments

If you’ve got an appointment with someone and you’re high as a kite, cancel it ASAP. When you’re in direct confrontation with another human being, things can go south really fast. You might start getting all philosophical when someone asks about your work experience or write “yes please” under the sex category at the dentist’s office. And if your doctor prescribes you medical marijuana, make sure you remember the dosage or else you’ll be stuck in an infinite cycle of forgetting.

4. Driving and Parking

This should go without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyway: never drive while high! If you’re on a road trip with your homies and someone suggests hotboxing the van, make sure to park the car first and then light up. Don’t be dumb and try to drive away right after smoking. Plan your day accordingly and stay in one place for a while.

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5. Watching Dramas

Look, I’m not saying that all dramas should be avoided when you’re baked, but depending on your mindset, some movies can be too heavy for emotional stoners. You might get too involved in the plot and take things too seriously. And if you’re watching a horror movie in a cinema with surround sound, things might get super intense for you.

6. Getting a Tattoo

Getting inked while high is not a good idea unless you’ve already decided on the design beforehand and just want to relax during the process. But let me tell you something: being aware of your pain while high might actually make it worse because it becomes your main focus point. If you absolutely have to smoke before getting inked, make sure it’s an indica-dominant strain like THC Bunker Buster.

7. Laughing in Serious Situations

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I know we all love finding humor in everything, but there are certain situations where laughing might not be appropriate or just plain awkward. Imagine laughing at a weird cat in the background during a dramatic death scene – not cool, man.

8. Attempting to Bake Cookies

When smoking weed, bake yourself – not cookies! If you get so high that you start seeing space-time continuum dismantling before your eyes, your cookies will burn and set off the fire alarm. Make sure to bake beforehand so that you can enjoy your cannabis-infused peanut butter coconut cookies when you’re baked.

9. Getting Even Higher

Look, if you’ve planned your schedule accordingly and have nothing else left to do for the day, go ahead and get as high as a kite! But if there are still tasks that need to be accomplished, take it easy on the herb or reschedule for another time.

10. Dressing Your Pets Up in Costumes

We all love our pets and want them to look fly as hell, but dressing them up while high can lead to some questionable decisions (like putting a mop on their head). Your pets don’t deserve to endure their master’s wild imagination while they’re high – keep it simple with a little top hat or fake mustache.

So there you have it – these are the 10 things you should avoid when baked out of your mind. Stay safe and happy blazing!

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