9 Lies Bout Auto Strains You Need to Drop, Fam

9 Lies Bout Auto Strains You Need to Drop, Fam

Cannabis like a Boss: 9 Myths Debunked

Yo, what’s good? It’s your boy Dan, here to talk about some of the biggest myths surrounding autoflowering cannabis strains. Let’s get straight into it.

Myth 1: Autoflowering Strains Are Less Potent

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Nah, son. This is straight-up false. Some haters out there might say that autoflowers are less potent, but they’re just spitting straight-up lies. Back in the day, when Lowryder first hit the block, it was less potent than other strains on the market. But times have changed, and autoflowers now come with significant cannabinoid profiles, including high levels of THC and CBD.

Myth 2: Autoflowering Strains Produce Low Yields

Another lie! Some people believe that autoflowers produce low yields because of their genetics, but that’s just not true. It all depends on the strain you’re growing, how strong your lights are, and other factors in your grow environment. Newer generations of autoflowers can even grow as tall as regular photoperiodic plants and produce similar yields.

Myth 3: Auto Strains Can’t Be Transplanted

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This one’s partially true. Transplanting can be a bit tricky with autoflowers because you risk shocking the roots and stunting the plant’s growth for up to a week. However, if you think your plant might get rootbound in its current container, don’t hesitate to transplant it. Just remember to be gentle and follow some basic tips to minimize any negative effects.

Myth 4: You Can’t Top Autoflowering Strains

Some growers swear by topping their autoflowers, while others think it’s a waste of time. The truth is it all depends on the genetics of your plants and your experience as a grower. Indica-dominant strains with few internodes and minimal side branching might not benefit from topping. Meanwhile, sativa-dominant strains with lots of internodes could respond well to topping during the early stages of vegetative growth.

Myth 5: Ruderalis-dominant Strains Are CBD-dominant

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Just because a strain is ruderalis-dominant doesn’t mean it’s naturally going to have a CBD-dominant cannabinoid profile. Thanks to advanced breeding techniques, breeders can create strains that are ruderalis-dominant yet still contain higher levels of THC than CBD. And some breeders are using the CBD-rich traits of traditional ruderalis varieties to create strains with high concentrations of CBD.

Myth 6: Autoflowering Strains Don’t Flower in Time

This myth is easy to debunk. Most autoflowering varieties will be ready for harvest in between 60-90 days. However, any significant changes in temperature, nutrient levels or water availability can easily stunt a plant’s growth cycle by up to 10 days and push back your harvest date.

Myth 7: Autoflowering Strains Need 24h Light Cycles

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Some autoflowering strains perform better under 24h light cycles, but others prefer longer dark periods. While it usually isn’t recommended to flower auto strains in less than 16h of light, it ultimately comes down to the individual strain you’re working with and the results you’re getting.

Myth 8: Autoflowering Strains Cannot Be Cloned

You can clone autoflowering varieties by taking a small branch from a mother plant and letting it grow under a 24-hour light cycle. However, clones usually produce lower yields than their mothers. That’s why breeders create autoflowering seeds from previous seeds rather than cloning.

Myth 9: Autoflowering Cannabis Buds Are Tasteless

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This last myth is pure nonsense! Buds from quality autoflowers created by reputable breeders will have complex aromas and flavors just like non-autoflowering varieties. The top auto breeders in da game take pride in creating top-shelf autoflowering cannabis varieties that are just as good as regular photoperiodic plants.

So there you have it folks – nine myths about autoflowering cannabis strains debunked like a boss! Now go out there and grow some dank buds!

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