8 Jammin’ Dab Rigs To Keep Eye On In ’23

8 Jammin' Dab Rigs To Keep Eye On In '23

Ay yo! It’s ya boy Dan here with some fire news for all you dabs-lovin’ homies out there. If you’re down wit’ concentrates and want teh scooop on da hottest rigs to hit the streets this year, you gon’ love dis one. Here’s a list of 10 jammin’ dab rigs keep an eye out for in 2023.

1. Goody – lookin’ for a beginner-friendly rig? Check out Goody’s 4-piece kit, complete with mini-rig, banger, dab tool, and carb cap. The Chief Mini Dab Rig and Kit will set ya back $59.99.

2. Groove – when yo pockets runnin’ low but ya need quality glass, Groove is da word. Grab the Groove 7″ Beaker Rig for only $59.99 an’ get mobbin’.

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3. Stache – traditional glass rigs can be used on-the-go too! Stache’s RiO (Rig-in-One) model is a classic cold start, glass, and combustion-based rig designed to be used on the go, featuring a shower head percolator and built-in butane torch. It comes with a foam-padded carrying case an’ everything, so ya can cop it for $149 an’ be hot steppin’.

4. Puffco – e-rigs are da way to go if ya want to make dabbing a snap. Puffco’s Peak line eliminates all da guesswork that comes with torching. Turn it on, load it up, an’ watch it do it’s thang for $249.99 (or get da Peak Pro for $399 for higher levels of customization an’ wireless charging).

5. Dr. Dabber – want to rival Puffco’s quality and usability? Check out Dr. Dabber’s Switch model – it can hold flower and concentrates, 25 temperature settings, self-cleaning ability, and lighting that’ll make ya jealous. Get it fo $349.99 an’ get busy.

6. Dip Devices – if ya need somethin’ portable that can double as a straw or a traditional pen, Dip Device’s got you covered wit da Dipper Vaporizer for only $99.99. Utilian – stainless steel dab pens are comin’ in hot in 2023 too! Utilian 5 (V3) comes wit changeable triple titanium and twisted Kanthal coils, 4 voltage presets, 1,500 mAh battery an’ all dat good stuff fo just $89.99.

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7. Higher Standards – if ya need durability an’ stylin’, Higher Standards has got your back wit their 7mm thick medical-grade borosilicate glass mini-rig that includes quartz banger and glass bowl, dab tool, and carb cap all fo $150.

8. Eyce – when durability is what ya need, Eyce specializes in silicone smokeware that won’t letcha down (an they even come wit a lifetime warranty). The Sidecar Minimizes glass components completely by makin’ da main body from platinum-cured silicone wit a quartz banger and glass cover; also has adjustable neck an 20 colorways for just $74.99.

I just gots ta throw in my two cents: Cannabis concentrates have earned their place in da world wit dedicated fanbases of loyal fans across the globe; so no matter what style or tech ya prefer (OG analog or electronic), ya got options fo sure! From luxury splurge pieces ta budget picks there’s something here fo everybody so have fun take the journey!

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