Holdin’ It Down: Keepin’ That Hit of Weed in Your Lungs Longer for a Higher High – Fact or Fiction? The Eternal Question for All the Newbies!

Holdin’ It Down: Keepin’ That Hit of Weed in Your Lungs Longer for a Higher High – Fact or Fiction? The Eternal Question for All the Newbies!

Yo, listen up, my homies! I know y’all been hearing people say to “HOLD IT, HOLD IT” when it comes to puffin’ on that good ol’ Mary Jane. They be tryna tell you that holdin’ in that smoke makes you get higher. But let me tell you, fam, that ain’t nothin’ but a myth. The science behind it don’t add up, ya feel me?

Now, some folks out there might argue that holdin’ in that cannabis smoke for longer makes the high stronger. But here’s the real deal, fam: over 90% of that THC is absorbed as soon as you inhale it. So holdin’ in the smoke for longer ain’t gonna make a damn difference. That extra high you think you feel is actually just your brain starvin’ for oxygen.

When you hold in that smoke for too long, your brain starts to suffocate, man. The carbon monoxide and toxins from smokin’ mess with your oxygen levels and make you feel lightheaded. Your heart starts pumpin’ faster to compensate for the lack of oxygen, and that’s why you think you’re gettin’ higher. It’s all just an illusion, bro.

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And let me drop some knowledge on you about them lungs of yours. Holdin’ in that smoke don’t do nothin’ except let more tar stick to your lungs. Yeah, I said it. That extra time you take holdin’ in the smoke just gives all them nasty tars a chance to get cozy in your lungs. And trust me, that ain’t good for your respiratory system, fam.

But why do some people still think they’re gettin’ a stronger high? Well, holdin’ your breath can actually make your lungs absorb more THC, so I guess there’s some truth to it. When you don’t exhale right away, your heart starts pumpin’ faster and your body produces adrenaline. And that adrenaline rush can make you feel like you’re on cloud nine, even though it’s just ’cause you ain’t gettin’ enough oxygen, bro. So yeah, you might feel more lit, but it ain’t ’cause of the extra time you hold in that smoke.

So if you really wanna get higher, the answer is simple: smoke more weed. Go for them stronger strains or try out some concentrates. And hey, edibles are always an option too, but just be careful ’cause they hit different, ya know what I’m sayin’?

But if you wanna be smart about it and take care of your health, maybe try vaping or dabbing instead. That way, you ain’t gotta worry about inhaling all that carbon monoxide and tar. Vaping lets you consume more cannabis without messin’ with your oxygen levels, so it’s a win-win situation.

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And don’t forget, fam, less is more when it comes to holdin’ in that smoke. The longer you hold it in, the less time you got for takin’ more hits. And as we all know, the more hits you take, the higher you gonna get.

Now let’s talk about the risks of holdin’ in that smoke for too long. First off, it can mess with your brain ’cause of lack of oxygen. You might feel lightheaded and not in the good way, bro. And holdin’ in that smoke can make your heart race like Usain Bolt on steroids. That might make you think you’re gettin’ a better high, but it ain’t worth puttin’ your heart health at risk.

And let’s not forget about all them nasty substances stickin’ to your lungs. Holdin’ in that smoke just gives ’em more time to settle in and wreak havoc on your respiratory system. Joints and bongs are cool and all, but they ain’t worth the long-term damage, my dudes.

So instead of holdin’ in that smoke for dear life, why not explore some other options? There’s so much more to the cannabis experience than just holdin’ in that smoke. Try out some potent strains or concentrates. Edibles can give you a whole new level of high, but be careful ’cause they can sneak up on you.

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And if you wanna be extra safe and take care of your lungs, go for vaping or dabbing. These methods don’t involve burnin’ nothin’, so you don’t gotta worry about all them harmful substances messin’ with your lungs. Plus, you can consume more weed without feelin’ like you’re drownin’, ya dig?

So there you have it, my friends. Holdin’ in that smoke might make you think you’re higher than the Empire State Building, but it’s all just a trick. Smoke more weed if you wanna get higher, or try out some other methods like vaping or dabbing. Just remember to take care of your health and enjoy the ride, fam. Stay lit!

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  1. Yo, I be thinkin holdin it in aint really gon make a difference. Its all bout quality of the bud and how much you smokin. Just enjoy the high and dont stress too much!


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