Yo, you tryna find out if weed’s all good in Barbados? Check the drug laws, fam!

Yo, you tryna find out if weed's all good in Barbados? Check the drug laws, fam!

Yo what’s good, it’s Dan. Ya heard that Barbados is the baddest island in the Caribbean? It’s true, they get millions of visitors every year for their stunning beaches, the local rum, and even Rhianna comes from there. But yo, what about the weed culture in Barbados? Is it legal or nah? Keep reading to find out.

First off, let me tell you that even though it’s illegal for recreational use, weed is still poppin’ in Barbados. They even source it from Jamaica and St. Vincent for locals and tourists alike. But don’t get caught slippin’. Possession of weed is still illegal and can land you a fine of $200 if you have less than 14 grams. And if you’re under 18 and caught with half an ounce or less, you gotta go through drug counseling.

But don’t trip! The local dealers got your back. Just try to find some Rastafaris who can hook you up. They’re chill and will help you out.

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If you really need that medical marijuana though, you can get a license to use it legally. In fact, in November 2019, the medicinal cannabis industry bill and the Sacramental cannabis bill were passed into law. This established the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority to regulate medical cannabis use and issue licenses.

And despite the legal status, people still smoke weed openly in parks and colleges. Just don’t be stupid about it and cause a ruckus with the cops.

Now I know what you’re thinking – how much does weed cost in Barbados? Well, expect to pay around 50-80 dollars US for a half ounce.

Overall, Barbados is worth a visit whether you’re into weed or not. Just remember to stay sober if you’re a tourist there and be cool with everyone. Have a good time in Barbados!

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