United Airlines Workers Caught Snatching Weed from Checked Bags

United Airlines Workers Caught Snatching Weed from Checked Bags

Yo, listen up fam! I got a wild story for y’all. So, there’s these two United Airlines workers, Joel Lamont Dunn and Adrian Webb, who be workin’ as ramp cargo agents at San Francisco International Airport. But guess what? These dudes ain’t just regular workers, they some straight-up thieves!

Word on the street is that Dunn and Webb had this scheme goin’ on with a bunch of other workers. They were gettin’ paid mad cash to steal weed from passengers’ checked luggage. Yeah, you heard me right. They was snatchin’ that herb right outta people’s bags!

According to the FBI, these fools Dunn and Webb got charged with conspiring to distribute a controlled substance back on June 9. But here’s where it gets even crazier. These dudes was payin’ their homies $2,000 or more in cash per shift just to jack that dank from the bags. Shiiit, they was makin’ up to $10,000 a week! Talk about makin’ bank off someone else’s stash!

Now, here’s where things start goin’ south for these two dumbasses. In June 2021, they got straight-up robbed at gunpoint in the employee parkin’ lot near their rides. Damn, talk about some bad luck! But get this, when they reported the robbery to the cops, they conveniently left out the fact that their precious herb was stolen too. Smooth move, fellas.

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But you know what’s even dumber? There’s video surveillance footage showin’ these fools carryin’ big-ass black trash bags outta the airport. They was sneakin’ that shit out right under everyone’s noses! And then, one of ’em, Webb, was caught on camera takin’ one of them bags to his own whip in the parkin’ garage. Man, these guys ain’t the sharpest tools in the shed.

The FBI got involved and started sniffin’ around. They contacted one of the dudes and at first, he straight-up denied that the bags belonged to him. But then, he must’ve realized he was caught red-handed, so he changed his tune real quick. The feds ended up gettin’ a search warrant, and guess what they found? A black trash bag and two boxes filled with about 30 pounds of that sticky icky. Damn, that’s a whole lotta weed!

Now, you might be wonderin’ how these fools were able to steal all that green without gettin’ caught earlier. Well, turns out, with more states legalizin’ recreational weed, travelin’ with Mary Jane ain’t as strict as it used to be. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says they focus on security threats and ain’t actively searchin’ for drugs like weed. But if they stumble upon somethin’ illegal, they ain’t gonna just let it slide. They’ll hand that shit over to the cops.

But here’s the thing, fam. Since airports are run locally, they usually go by their own local laws. So if you flyin’ from a place where weed is legal, you should be all good. But watch out for where you land, ’cause laws ain’t the same everywhere. Some airports, like O’Hare International in Chicago, even got these “amnesty boxes” where you can dump your stash before hoppin’ on a flight. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

So there you have it, folks. Dunn and Webb thought they could pull off a high-flying heist and make some easy cash from stolen pot. But karma caught up with ’em real quick. Now they facin’ serious charges for conspirin’ to distribute that green goodness. Let this be a lesson to all you wannabe thieves out there, crime don’t pay. Stick to flyin’ straight and keep your hands off other people’s Mary Jane. Peace out, y’all!

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