Yo, You Be Gettin’ Lit Off That Med Mary Jane?

Yo, You Be Gettin' Lit Off That Med Mary Jane?

Yo, what’s good? My name is Dan and I’m here to talk to you about medical marijuana. With 40 states in the game and even the American Medical Association giving it props, more and more people are turning to the green stuff as a part of their medical help tool kit. And let me tell you, it’s got some serious benefits. It can help with nausea, pain management, cancer treatment (especially during chemo), sleep, depression and more. We’re talking over 4 million registered patients and even more who try it on the low.

But yo, let’s get real for a minute. Does it get you high? Back in the day, before legalization, you had to hit up your homie or dealer to secure some of that good good. Joints and brownies were the most popular way to consume, but it was hard to regulate how much THC you were getting. So sometimes, patients would feel physically better but mentally stoned.

Regulating the amount of THC is an art form in medical marijuana. You want them benefits without being too turnt up. You see, THC has a similar structure to a chemical in your brain called anandamide. This similarity allows your body to recognize THC and change how your brain communicates. It affects areas of your brain that deal with pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, movement, coordination and sensory and time perception. And because of this similarity, THC can attach itself to cannabinoid receptors in your brain and activate them, which can mess with your mental and physical functions. THC also activates the reward system in your brain which is responsible for how you respond to pleasurable activities like sex and eating.

But don’t worry, if you’re in a legal state then the packaging should tell you how strong the product is. Edibles, oils and vapes tend to be the most popular ways to consume for medicinal purposes. But here’s the thing, the FDA doesn’t oversee medical marijuana like it does prescription drugs. States might keep an eye on sales and regulate them, but they usually don’t have the resources to do it properly. So the strength and ingredients in medical marijuana can differ a lot depending on where you buy it. Make sure you talk to the knowledgeable staff at the retailer, explain your purpose and ask all the questions you want. And if the first product doesn’t work for you, look for more help and guidance. The industry is full of people who want to hook you up with exactly what you need.

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Now, here’s the real question. Can you get high while using medical marijuana? The answer is, it’s up to you. You can adjust how much you consume to treat your symptoms without getting too lit. But let me tell you, on the safe side, don’t drive or use any heavy machinery while under the influence. And if you’re looking for extra support, check out traditional support groups for your issue. Fellow sufferers are usually happy to share their tips and tricks.

Listen, if you’re trying medical marijuana then just like with most long term drugs, you’ll need to spend some time experimenting with dosage. Most medicines need a little trial and error to get maximum benefit. So be patient, keep an open mind and remember that there are people out there who want to help you get better with this plant medicine. Peace out.

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