Yo, What’s the Deal with Crumble Wax? What’s It Used For?

Yo, What's the Deal with Crumble Wax? What's It Used For?

Yo, what’s up world? It’s your boy Dan comin’ at you with some knowledge on the latest and greatest in the cannabis game. Back in the day, all we had was that good ol’ brick weed, which probably only had like 3-4% THC. But now, thanks to some serious growin’ skills, we got strains with THC levels over 25%. And if that’s still not enough for ya, check out the marijuana wax concentrate – some of the top-notch ones have over 90% THC. That’s enough to blow even the most experienced stoners’ minds.

When ya walk into a dispensary these days, you’ll see all kinds of concentrate types available – shatter, wax, crumble, budder, and more. They come in different consistencies, colors, and flavors depending on how they’re made. Today, I’m gonna give ya the lowdown on how to make some crumble wax.

So there’s over 300,000 concentrate items available out there now. Growers and manufacturers have had to develop some sophisticated tools to produce high-quality cannabis concentrates. One thing you might not know is that concentrates like budder, crumble, and wax all have a similar creation process.

Making some crumble wax is done pretty much the same way as making budder or shatter. But with crumble wax, the pre-purged oils used have more moisture and are thicker in consistency. The temperature used in the process is also slightly different. The result is a crumbly concentrate that’s full of terpenes and tastes even better than regular wax.

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But let me tell ya – working with this stuff can be a real challenge. If ya work with it by hand, it gets all up under your fingernails and won’t come off without a good washin’. And if you’re tryna dab crumble wax, I recommend using a dabber’s flat end to scoop it into a bowl.

Now let’s get into how it’s actually made. First things first – you gotta extract it from the plant. Take those buds from the crop after harvestin’, weigh ‘em up, and put ‘em into vacuum-sealed bags.

If the weed was grown indoors, manufacturers will store it in a freezer around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If it was grown outdoors, they’ll put it in a cooler with liquid nitrogen or dry ice. The key is to freeze the bud within two hours to lock in the chemical profile of the plant and preserve its flavor and scent.

Then ya gotta put it in a special extraction system and separate the cannabinoids using a solvent like butane (some companies prefer CO2 extraction instead). A recirculating chiller cools then condenses the vapor into liquid. Next thing ya know, you got yourself a sticky resin that we all know and love.

Degasification purifies the resin – specialists pour it into trays and place them into a special vacuum oven. Hydrocarbons are removed as they boil off – this can be tricky because some of the weed’s terpenes and cannabinoids have boiling points close to that of the solvent.

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And did ya know that physical properties of these extracts vary depending on the strain? For example, weed with high terpene content will resemble motor oil while Blue Dream’s extract is hard and looks like glass.

To make crumble specifically, ya gotta purge it for a longer period at a lower heat so it gets that crumbly texture. Whippin’ it for a long time helps preserve flavor and could be healthier since lower temperatures produce fewer carcinogens compared to other concentrate types like budder.

If you don’t have access to million-dollar equipment but still wanna make some crumble at home, here’s what you need:

-Fresh or dry marijuana buds

-Pyrex tray

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-A roller tube (like Xtractor)

-A pot of hot water

-Refined gas (like Colibri or Clipper)

-A dabber

-Infrared thermometer

-A large silicone mat

-A desiccator

-A vacuum pump

-Some blades for scraping

Fill your roller tube with buds and pack ‘em tightly in the Pyrex container. Add the butane ya plan to use and freeze for 24 hours. Gas up that roller tube (in a well-ventilated area), wait for the gas to evaporate completely until ya see a paste.

Put water on low heat (not too high or else ya risk evaporation of terpenes) and place your Pyrex tray on top so vapor hits it directly. Use your dabber to pop bubbles that appear; once it starts getting dry with no more bubbles, scrape away with blades.

Finally, stick that mixture in a desiccator and connect it to a vacuum pump – do not open or stop until completely dry. Once you’ve made your first successful batch of crumble wax at home, it should be easier to make more later down the line. Good luck, yo!

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