Yo, What’s the Deal with Charas and How It’s Made?

Yo, What's the Deal with Charas and How It's Made?

Yo yo yo, what’s good my homies? It’s ya boy Dan, and today we’re talking about a classic cannabis concentrate – charas. This stuff has been around for ages, way before all these new-fangled extracts like live resin and BHO started making waves. So, where did it come from and how’s it made? Let’s dive in.

Charas is just like hashish – it’s a concentrated extract made by separating the trichomes from cannabis plant matter. But here’s the thing that sets charas apart: it’s made from live cannabis cuttings. That’s right, this stuff is made from the freshest buds picked straight off the plant. It’s commonly found in regions of Asia, particularly India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

Now, to make charas you need some serious patience, effort, and weed. You start with some trimmed cannabis flowers with a bit of stem from a plant that’s roughly 2-3 weeks away from full maturity. Then, you need your hands – that’s right, no fancy equipment needed here. First things first, you gotta wash those hands and make sure they’re squeaky clean. None of that scented stuff either – organic hand soap is where it’s at.

Next up, take a few buds and start rubbing them gently between your hands. Don’t apply too much force or you’ll lose resin – you want to be gentle and patient with these babies. Try lightly squeezing the flowers against your palm with your thumb to extract more oils. As you roll the buds around, you’ll notice a thick, sticky black-brown substance building up on your palms and fingers – that’s the good stuff right there. Congrats, you’ve just made charas.

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Now that you’ve got your charas ball or stick ready to go, how do you smoke it? Well, traditionally folks in India smoke it using a chillum – a special kind of pipe used by Hindu monks (or sadhus). But if you don’t have one of those lying around (no judgement here), you can just roll yourself a nice joint with some tobacco mixed in to ensure an even burn.

If tobacco isn’t your jam, no worries – just roll your charas with regular flower in a joint or blunt. And if smoking isn’t your thing at all, you can mix some into a bowl and smoke it through a regular pipe or bong. If you’re feeling fancy, vaporize your charas in a dab rig like other cannabis extracts.

One thing to keep in mind with charas (and other concentrates like hash) is that they have a much higher percentage of THC and other cannabinoids than regular flower. So take it easy at first – you can always smoke more but you can never smoke less.

As for what strains to use for making charas? You can use any strain you like! But if you want to go for traditional Indian vibes, I suggest going for an indica strain with roots in India or surrounding areas (like some Kush varieties). Hindu Kush is perfect for making homemade charas thanks to its high resin production. Northern Lights is another classic strain that would work well due to its frosty buds packed with potency. And finally, our Bubba Kush might not be traditional but I’m sure it’ll produce some great charas regardless.

So that’s the lowdown on charas – give it a try yourself and see how it stacks up against those newfangled concentrates! Stay lifted my friends.

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