Yo, What’s Poppin’ with Them High Thoughts?

Yo, What's Poppin' with Them High Thoughts?

Yo what’s good, my fellow stoners? It’s ya boy Dan here, and today we’re gonna talk about high thoughts. You know what I’m talking about, those crazy, mind-bending ideas that pop into your head when you’re blazing up. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re profound, and sometimes they’re straight up terrifying. But what causes these thoughts, and what are some of the best ones out there? Let’s dive in.

So why do we get high thoughts anyway? Well, it all comes down to that sweet green herb we all love. THC, the compound in cannabis responsible for getting us high, has been shown to increase blood flow to certain parts of the brain. Specifically, the frontal regions, which are responsible for abstract thinking and “conscious” thought. This is where all the big ideas come from, and when we smoke, we get a boost to these areas that leads to some seriously wild thoughts.

Now, not all high thoughts are created equal. Some of them are funny as hell, like when you realize that a seafarer is also known as a mariner, so when they do their tasks they’re really marinating. Others are more profound, like when you come up with an idea that could change the world (even if it seems a little less impressive once you sober up). And unfortunately, some high thoughts can be negative or scary, leading to anxious or paranoid thinking.

If you find yourself stuck in a negative thought loop while you’re stoned, don’t worry – there are ways to break the cycle. You can try taking some CBD to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC, going for a walk to get out of your head and into your body, drinking some water to refresh yourself, or even talking it out with a friend. And if all else fails, distract yourself with some good old-fashioned funny high thoughts.

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Speaking of which, here are some of our favorites to keep you entertained next time you’re sparking up:

– Maybe light speed is just how fast the universe loads – that would explain why we can’t go faster than it!

– Did you know it would take 84 years to sleep in every bed in the hotels at Disney World? Better get started now.

– A speck of dust is actually the halfway point between the size of Earth and the size of a subatomic particle.

– Think vampires have great style? Well yeah – they can’t use mirrors!

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– Our first extraterrestrial encounter might actually be humans born on Mars coming back home to visit us.

– The place you were born is actually the only place you’ve ever left without entering first.

– It’s impossible to make a “th-” sound in your head without moving your tongue. Go ahead and try it – we’ll wait.

– Every day, someone unknowingly takes the biggest dump in the world. That’s gotta be worth something.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it. Let your mind wander and wonder next time you’re smoking up – who knows what kind of crazy ideas you’ll come up with on your own? Happy thinking!

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