Yo, is using the whole plant better than just one part for getting lit?

Yo, is using the whole plant better than just one part for getting lit?

Yo, what’s good y’all? It’s your boy Dan, and I’m here to drop some knowledge about whole plant extracts and single cannabinoids. Now, we all know that cannabis has been getting more attention these days, and for good reason. Research has shown that cannabinoids have tons of therapeutic benefits. But here’s the thing: when you take a whole plant extract instead of a single isolated cannabinoid, you get more bang for your buck. That’s because whole plant extracts contain all the goodies that are found in the cannabis plant.

Just like how fruits and veggies have a bunch of different nutrients that work together to make them healthy for us, whole plant extracts have a bunch of different compounds that work together to enhance their effects. When you take a vitamin supplement, you’re only getting one nutrient at a time. It’s not necessarily bad for you, but it’s not as effective as getting all those nutrients from a piece of fruit.

So, let’s talk about the complexity of cannabis compounds. There are over 400 chemical compounds in the cannabis plant, including THC, CBD, CBN, and other cannabinoids. But there are also terpenes, which give the plant its flavor and provide additional benefits that enhance the medicinal effects of cannabinoids. Plus, there are flavonoids, fatty acids, proteins, enzymes, and sugars — all of which play a role in enhancing the plant’s medical efficacy.

Now here’s where things get interesting: the “entourage effect” and the “bell-shaped curve” effect. The entourage effect is when cannabinoids and terpenes work together to enhance each other’s effects. Researchers are currently looking into how CBD might help to modulate the effects of THC. As a result of these findings, researchers started experimenting with different THC:CBD ratios and combinations of other cannabinoids.

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The bell-shaped curve effect is when isolated CBD products center around potency. You’d think that the more CBD you take, the stronger the effect would be. But actually, moderate doses elicit more of a response than both high and low concentrations of CBD. Researchers are now testing the potential of CBD-enriched extracts to overcome this effect.

Lab, clinical, and anecdotal evidence suggests that whole plant extracts made from cannabis plant matter are more effective in reducing pain, spasms, inflammation, and other conditions typically addressed by cannabinoids. A full extract increases the absorption of active ingredients and is able to address a wider range of conditions by fine-tuning the cannabinoid and terpene profile to specific individual preferences and needs.

Of course, single-molecule formulations aren’t useless either. In places where even trace amounts of THC are illegal, for example, pure cannabinoid isolates like CBD are the only real option for people looking to experience the cannabinoid. But as more research develops on the efficacy of whole plant formulations, we’re bound to see the world of cannabinoid extracts continue to progress.

So there you have it — whole plant extracts are where it’s at! Don’t be fooled by Big Pharma pushing single cannabinoids as the only option when it comes to cannabis derivatives and concentrates. Do your research and choose what works best for you.

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