Yo, What’s Good with Shatter? Why You Need to Check It Out?

Yo, What's Good with Shatter? Why You Need to Check It Out?

Yo, what’s good my fellow tokers? This is Dan, and today we’re talking all about shatter. If you’re an experienced smoker with a high tolerance, or you want to get lit without all the smoke, or maybe you just want to take your herb game to the next level, shatter is where it’s at.

So what is shatter, you ask? Well, it’s a highly concentrated form of cannabinoids extracted from cannabis flowers. And let me tell you, this stuff is fire. It’s got around 70% THC or more, and it retains essential terpenes while sacrificing only a bit of its potency. Plus, it looks dope as hell – translucent sheets that are honey-tinged and oh-so-fragrant.

Shatter is one of many cannabis extracts out there. The processing it receives post-extraction determines its form. Unlike budder or wax which are whipped and purged for longer, shatter is purged for a shorter time and left to congeal into those beautiful sheets we were just talking about. Depending on the cannabinoid profile, the characteristics of shatter can vary slightly – texture, color, aroma, and effect can all vary based on the viscosity of the cannabinoids themselves.

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When it comes to making shatter, it’s typically done with expensive equipment in a lab setting to ensure exacting standards are met. If you’re trying to make it at home, be careful because it’s very dangerous to do so. Plus, the purity won’t be anywhere near what you’d get in a lab.

To consume shatter, you’ll need a dab rig – it’ll behave like any other concentrate would in that. It’ll melt quickly and give up all its goodness in a cloud of vapor. If you powder or pulverize it, you can easily add it to a spliff or the top of a cone for some extra oomph. Add a little bit (like a quarter of a teaspoon) to your morning beverage for some slow-release intensity or vape it using your favorite device.

Shatter is a great way to experience the full intensity of cannabinoids and terpenes in their purest form. You can explore different cannabinoid profiles or increase the concentration of your favorite strains with this potent extract. So whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience or your new best friend – get yourself some shatter and get lit AF.

That’s all for now folks – Dan out. Peace!

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