Sour Tsunami Strain Review: That Dank Weed You Need

Sour Tsunami Strain Review: That Dank Weed You Need.

Yo, what’s good, it’s your boy Dan and today we’re talking about the Sour Tsunami strain. This is a strain that’s got some serious medicinal benefits, with a high CBD content of up to 13%. While the THC level can vary, some strains can have up to 10% THC. That’s why medical cannabis consumers love this strain.

When you smoke this strain, you’ll taste some citrus, piney and sour flavors, which are pretty unique. It’s mostly used for chronic pain, depression and muscle spasms, and it’ll give you a focus, happy and uplifting feeling.

This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If you’re going for indoor growth, expect your flowering time to be around 8-9 weeks. If you’re growing it outdoors, your bud should be ready by mid-October.

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Now let’s break down what makes this strain so special. Sour Tsunami is one of the first strains that was recognized for its CBD content rather than its intoxicating high. CBD is the most abundant non-intoxicating compound in cannabis and is said to have lots of medical benefits.

There’s some debate about where this strain comes from. It was created by Lawrence Ringo, a breeder from the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. Some say it was crossed with Ferrari, while others claim that Ringo crossed Sour Diesel with NYC Diesel.

Ringo created Sour Tsunami to help ease his severe back pain. He didn’t want to use traditional medication and hoped to find a strain with enough CBD content to alleviate his symptoms. Today, it’s widely used in Michigan, California and the Pacific Northwest for its medicinal properties.

One of the things that make this sativa-dominant hybrid special is its high CBD content of up to 11%. This means you’re guaranteed a CBD:THC ratio of at least 1:1 but sometimes even a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio. This means that its effects are more uplifting, relaxing and focus-inducing.

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As you might expect, this strain has a diesel scent but with slightly sweet undertones. It also has a detailed terpene profile that’s responsible for its unique scent. The main terpenes in Sour Tsunami are myrcene, pinene and terpinolene.

Sour Tsunami is identifiable by its dense buds and dark green leaves, sometimes with purple tinges. However, it’s rated as a difficult strain to grow and therefore only suitable for experienced growers. Some say that you only have a 25% chance of growing CBD-rich bud from seed, so make sure to get them tested before you harvest.

This strain is highly sought after by medical cannabis consumers due to its analgesic properties. Many use it to relieve chronic pain, migraines and muscle spasms. They also believe that Sour Tsunami has anti-epileptic properties, like other high CBD strains such as Charlotte’s Web. Its uplifting and relaxing effects also make it perfect for addressing depression and stress.

The main side effects of this strain are dry eyes and dry mouth, but that’s pretty standard for most strains. In rare cases, some users may experience headaches or mild anxiety or dizziness.

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In conclusion, Sour Tsunami is one of the most effective forms of medicinal marijuana on the market due to its high CBD content. Its low THC level means that consumers are unlikely to experience adverse reactions. So if you’re looking for a strain that’ll help with chronic pain, muscle spasms or depression, give Sour Tsunami a try.

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