Yo, is Georgia cool with the greenery?

Yo, is Georgia cool with the greenery?

Yo, what’s good? It’s ya boy, Dan, and I’m here to answer the question on everyone’s minds – is weed legal in Georgia or nah? Georgia is a dope state, no doubt about it, and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. But let’s be real, we all want to know what’s up with the greenery in this state. So, I’m here to break it down for you and give you all the legal deets.

Georgia’s Marijuana History

First off, let’s talk about Georgia’s history with Mary Jane. Back in the late 1900s, specifically in the ‘70s and ‘80s, a lot of sheriffs and deputies were getting caught in illegal trades involving cannabis. Then in 1983, the Drug Enforcement Administration started spraying paraquat on illegal weed in Chattahoochee National Forest to stop people from supporting it.

Georgia’s Policy Reforms

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In response to all this drama, Georgia has gone through a few policy reforms to try to change things up. In 1980, Mona Taft’s bill was approved, making medical cannabis legal for people who are struggling with cancer, glaucoma or those undergoing chemo and radiation. Fast forward almost 30 years later and Governor Nathan Deal signed into law House Bill (HB) 1 known as the Haleigh’s Hope Act, which legalized medicinal cannabis with at least 5% THC.

In 2017, six more medical conditions were added to the list of those eligible for medical marijuana treatment. Then in 2019, legislation was finally approved allowing for the cultivation and sale of low-THC oil cannabis in the state. It’s been quite a ride for Georgia when it comes to Mary Jane.

The Truth: Is Weed Legal in Georgia?

Okay fam, let’s get to the real question – is weed legal in Georgia? The answer is no. Georgia is a pretty conservative state and the legislature is not about that life when it comes to cannabis. Medical cannabis is legal for those who qualify, but recreational use is still illegal in the state.

Medical Cannabis in Georgia

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If you are interested in using medical cannabis, here are the conditions that are eligible for treatment:

– ALS – Lou Gehrig’s disease (severe or end stage)

– Mitochondrial disease

– Multiple sclerosis (severe or end stage)


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– Autism

– Sickle cell disease (severe or end stage)

– Cancer at end-stage or experiencing wasting illness

– Alzheimer’s disease

– Crohn’s disease

– Parkinson’s disease (severe or end stage)

– Tourette’s syndrome

– Patients in hospice care

– Peripheral neuropathy

– Epidermolysis bullosa–Seizure disorders related to diagnosis of epilepsy or trauma-related head injury

– Post-traumatic stress disorder

In 2020, intractable pain was also added to this list.

Recreational Cannabis in Georgia

Recreational weed is still not allowed in the state of Georgia. Some counties and cities have decriminalized it, so penalties might only incur fines instead of imprisonment, but it’s still illegal under federal law.

What Are the Penalties in Georgia?

So, what happens if you get caught with weed in Georgia? Here are the penalties:

Possession Penalties:

If you’re caught with weed in public or in your car, you’ll face the following penalties:

Sale or Distribution or Delivery Penalties:

Even just gifting someone weed counts as distribution, and can result in serious penalties. Here’s what you could face if caught distributing weed:

Cultivation Penalties:

Growing Mary Jane on your property will result in these penalties:


Have more questions? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about cannabis in Georgia:

Can You Go to Jail For Weed in Georgia?

Yes, you can go to jail and face fines if caught with weed. The least sentence is a year and the maximum is 40 years, depending on the weight and severity of your case.

Can You Smoke Weed In Public in Georgia?

Nope, it’s not cool to smoke weed in public. If caught, you’ll face a fine and could be incarcerated. Even medical marijuana users should avoid consuming cannabis in public places.

Do You Need a Weed Card in Georgia?

Yes, to get medical marijuana anywhere in the state, you first need to have a medical marijuana card or a Low-THC Registry card.

How do I Get a Weed Card in Georgia?

To obtain a weed card or a medical marijuana card, you need to apply for a low THC registry card from a qualified physician and apply it to the necessary government bodies.

Final Verdict

So, is weed legal in Georgia? Nah fam, it’s not. It may be decriminalized in some areas, but it’s still illegal under federal law. Medical cannabis is legal for those who qualify, but recreational use is not allowed. Be sure to check out all the regulations before planning your trip to Georgia so you don’t get caught up. Stay safe out there y’all!

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