Yo, Don’t Trip: Weed Training Fails You Need to Dodge

Yo, Don't Trip: Weed Training Fails You Need to Dodge

Yo yo yo, what’s good, it’s your boy Dan coming at you with some knowledge on how to train your cannabis plants like a pro. You know that cannabis loves being trained, but you gotta be careful and finesse it just right. Nobody wants a messed up grow with low-quality buds, am I right?

So, here are several mistakes you need to avoid when training your weed plants. If you do it right, you’ll get the best from your genetics and have a trouble-free grow.

First of all, not training your plants at all is a big no-no. You gotta optimize your grow space to get the most out of it. Even smaller autoflowering varieties respond well to light distribution over a tied-down canopy.

Now, let’s talk about scrogging, the screen of green technique. You gotta be careful not to top too early or place the screen too close to the growing medium or else you’ll invite diseases. Keep all growth at screen level until at least the second week of flowering, and make sure you know how your plants respond to being topped.

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Don’t snap branches or train too early before your plants are strong enough. Let them grow to the sixth node before attempting any training methods. Performing high-stress techniques too late into flowering will interrupt bud formation and increase the risk of snapped branches.

Mainlining is cool and all, but topping too early and too often is a common mistake. Wait until you have the same number of nodes as what number topping it is to maintain a well-distributed plant.

Low-stress training techniques require you to handle your plants often, but respect their natural tolerance or else they’ll break for sure. And when using plant ties for LST, make sure they’re soft and won’t damage branch tissue.

Heavy buds can cause branches to snap, so use support structures like trellising and tomato cages to ensure your flowers make it to the end. And when defoliating, only remove fan leaves, not sugar leaves. Start off gently and let experience make you more cavalier.

But most importantly, understand that autoflowering plants need minimal intervention and weak photoperiod plants may not recover from stressful techniques.

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So there you have it, folks – train your cannabis plants with care in mind and avoid these mistakes for a successful grow. Peace out fam!

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