Stay Lit Without Getting Caught: Tips to Dodge Cannabis Light Pollution

Stay Lit Without Getting Caught: Tips to Dodge Cannabis Light Pollution

Yo, what’s good fellow cannabis cultivators? It’s your boy Dan, here to drop some knowledge on a major issue that could be messing with your grow: light pollution. This is especially important for those of you growing in greenhouses. Let me tell you, it’s no joke and can seriously derail your entire operation. But don’t stress, I got you covered with some tips on how to decrease the likelihood of this problem ruining your crop.

So first things first, let’s talk about photoperiod. As you already know, cannabis is a photoperiod plant, meaning it relies on a light-dark cycle to decide when it’s time to switch from vegetative growth to flowering. When the days start getting shorter at the end of summer, your plants sense it and focus all their energy on making some bomb buds. But here’s the thing: the dark phase cannot be interrupted. And that’s where light pollution comes in. Artificial lights like street lamps can really disrupt your plants’ dark cycle and cause some serious stress. This stress can mess with your plants’ growth, causing them to revert back to the veg phase or to become intersex – not something the average home grower wants.

Now let’s talk about finding a good spot outdoors with little light pollution. When scouting for a spot, always take light pollution into account. Wait until it gets dark and see if there’s anything that could possibly mess with the dark cycle. If you’re not sure, take a magazine with you and see if you can still read it without a problem – if you can, the spot may not be ideal. But hey, sometimes you only have so many options for places to grow. That’s where planting in pots comes in handy – you can move them around as needed.

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But what about growing in a greenhouse? A greenhouse is designed for your plants to take advantage of natural sunlight while giving you increased control of an indoor grow. However, light pollution can still be an issue here as well. Blackout systems are one way to combat this problem. These systems involve using a mechanical system that moves a large sheet or some type of awning to block unwanted light. Pro tip: connect your blackout system to a timer so you can give your plants an undisturbed 12 hours of night.

Now, if all else fails and you just can’t escape light pollution, autoflowering cannabis strains are the way to go. These strains flower based on age rather than on light-dark cycle, so they’re perfect for those who simply cannot avoid light pollution. Plus, new autoflowering strains are just as impressive as photoperiod cultivars – some even say they’re superior.

Don’t let light pollution ruin your grow, my friends. With these tips, you’ll be able to decrease the likelihood of this issue derailing your entire operation. Keep growing that fire bud and stay lit!

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